Women’s Fit Guide

Lucky Duck Living™
Women’s Fit Guide


• You don’t need a perfect body
to get YOUR perfect fit •

Few of us, if any, think we have a perfect bod. What does that mean anyway?!

Being happy with your shape can sometimes take time. My aim is to give you YOUR perfect fit for where you’re at.

I encourage you to not worry about your flaws, but trust that I have created the most flattering tee you can imagine.

They have extra room under the arms so it’s not too tight in the armpits and breasts. It has a feminine medium scoop that is neither too revealing, nor a mannish crew. There are also fitted sleeves, so that it’s flattering to your upper arm. No capped sleeves, or floppy man sleeves here!

You’ll find plenty of length to tuck in with a belt for a dressier look, or to wear out, more casually. Plus every tee is garment washed, so the size you get, will be the size you will have forevah! No shrinkage!

As a reference, I am 5′8″, I average 135 lbs. these days and am a 34D with a less then perfect waist. I wear a Lucky Duck Living™ Small.

Measurements below are body size. The great thing about our t‑shirts is that the patterning and super soft baby-rib combed cotton fabric are very flexible in sizing. It’s practically impossible to go wrong!

XS 30–33‑1/2″ 24–27″ 33–36
S 32–35‑1/2″ 26–29″ 35–38
M 34–37‑1/2″ 28–31″ 37–40
L 36–39‑1/2″ 30–33″ 39–42
XL 38–41‑1/2″ 32–35″ 41–44

Still unsure? Order a size up... or click HERE to EMAIL me, or call us in the U.S. at 480.678.3221 for guidance. Really. Don’t go it alone, if you’re not sure. We’re here to help!

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Founder and Chief Joy Merchant, Thais Zoe