Why is wearing “organic” cotton a massively healthier choice?

Organic Cotton Womens Tees

Whether it’s the food we eat or clothes we wear there is a lot of discussion about the benefits of buying organic.

If you automatically think organic cotton is healthier than traditional cotton, you would be right in that no harmful pesticides and chemicals are used in growing it.

But what does “healthier” mean? What actually are the benefits of organic?

Here are the top three fabric standards that we live by:

1. Care for the cotton. Traditional cotton is considered the dirtiest of all crops grown due to the extreme amount of insecticides sprayed on it to maintain its growth. Organic farmers avoid the need for insecticides and fertilizer by rotating their crops. Crop rotation allows for the soil to naturally restore its nutrients and diminishes the propagation of cotton destroying pests.

2. Care for the environment. Run off from the irrigation of the traditional cotton crops is laden with toxic pesticides that saturates the soil and seeps into the water table creating a breakdown in the environment.

3. Care for your body. Traditional cottons layer on more toxins with the chemicals used for dying and bleaching. Once an organic cotton crop begins its journey to becoming fabric, plant-based and non-toxic dyes and bleaching methods are used maintaining the healthy standard against your skin.

You can easily see why choosing organic when creating your tees was a must to us!

In doing so we support the organic farming community, protect the soil of our sweet earth and give you a shirt you can feel good about putting next to your skin. And, when you wear our fab tees you are, too... 🙂

If you have any questions about our organic t‑shirts, or if you a question about organic that you’ve always wondered, please comment below and I will share my knowledge with you, or find out the answer in a snap!

In the meantime, have a beautiful day and remember I am in your corner…


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