Why Do Smart Girls Like Stupid TV?

Are you hiding People Magazine behind that novel?


I’m meant to write about skincare today…and, while I do have a treasure trove of wonderful tips that I’ve discovered over the years, I sit on the sofa, flipping between a whale dissection on PBS and 30 Rock re-runs. So far, 30 Rock wins…

Today, someone said… “why do smart girls like stupid tv?” Thank you…I think…

One of my girlfriends doesn’t have cable access. Her and her boyfriend watch DVDs if they want entertainment…or, they read.

On the other end of the spectrum, another girlfriend of mine loves everything from Wife Swap to Wipeout…she claims the laughs are GREAT! And, while I can’t seem to brave those waters, she and I get together to watch the weekly train wreck many call “The Bachelor…” ..and I LOVE it!

I’m educated, well read, and well travelled. Yet, I have a penchant for fluffy entertainment. Thursday night movie night is usually a silly comedy, celebrity mags are my favorite poolside or plane travel fodder, and if I’m around the house midday during the week, chances are pretty good that General Hospital will be on in the background.

While I don’t generally lead with this at networking events, I am grateful to be born at a time when frivolity is widely accepted. It is easy to forget that there was a time; my mother’s generation, for example; that needed to be serious in order to be taken seriously.

Regardless of what generation we are born, it is important to remember that today we live during a time, more than ever before, that we can have serious responsibilities; family, financial, community, business, etc… yet, still relax into the softness and sweetness of being a girl.

The question is...do we?

Softness. Sweetness. Receptivity. Availability…all wonderful feminine traits. But, do you embrace them? Have you taken the freedom of equal rights to the point that you’ve abandoned your silliness? Girliness? Feminine fluff?

I don’t mean to suggest that women must be fluffy, silly or girly. But, I must confess, I’ve found super satisfaction as this part of me has come to life.

I was the gal who people would pass by and say …”smile.” Indeed, I was very serious, regularly on a mission, seemingly always focused on the goal, and…annoyed by those who told me I should “smile.”

Somewhere along the way — frankly, after life got tough enough – humor seemed like the only alternative to sheer madness. And with time, this has refined into a plethora of wit, amusement and loads of laughter.

From this, and the self-acceptance that followed, life has blossomed me into a woman I love. Strong, but not tough. Soft, but not weak. And, perhaps most importantly happy independent of circumstance.

My day is wrapping up laughing at Family Guy and Letterman’s monologue, two of my faves. Not a bad way to spend an evening. And, while this week’s post is perhaps not my finest work...I am grateful for the opportunity to remember how far I’ve come.

In turn, I give you permission to go to a silly movie, read a gossip rag, or even watch a television show that lowers rather raises your IQ…no worries…you can afford it, smarty pants!

Give it a go and let me know what unfolds.

And, as always, I’m in your corner…


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Why Do Smart Girls Like Stupid TV? — 4 Comments

  1. I find this same sort of ‘veg’ mentality when I go on vacation. I read lots of business and empowerment books throughout the year as a ‘smart girl’. On my vacations I grab a couple quick read romance novels.

    • LOVE it! How great to give your mind a vacation, too! I’ve never gotten into the romance novels, but you’ve peaked my interest...what are a couple you can recommend? Maybe I’ll check them out on my next holiday! 🙂

  2. Hi! I loved this post. I think sometimes, life gets so stressful that at times, we just need to “veg” out on something that has no meaning in our life, just an innocent indulgence? Since I live overseas, I tend to miss all the T.V. in the US (for me, I love all the shows on HBO) but I understand where you’re coming from. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • My pleasure, Nasrine! Thank you for taking the time to comment... I’m happy you liked the post, and that we share the love of an occasional “veg” session! I hope you enjoy the rest of your week...and have a lovely weekend. Thanks again for your comment! 🙂

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