What Is The Magic Of Drinking Water?

Water.Magic.FBWe’ve heard it over and over... and over... “stay hydrated!”

Unfortunately, even though the average person’s body is 60% water and clearly it needs to be maintained, it is such a ready recommendation that it can be easily dismissed causing you to miss out on the vital benefits it offers.

So what ARE these vital benefits? I hope you’ll take a peek at a basic list that will encourage you to keep the water flowing…

Water helps the body naturally modulate its core temperature. When your body loses water through increased sweating during the warmer months it can disrupt the natural cooling functions of the body and lead to heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Even if you don’t sweat heavily, a light perspiration can still deplete your healthy levels of hydration.

Often times, when we feel hungry our body is actually thirsty. So, before binging on unnecessary calories, have a nice, fresh glass of H20.

Skin is your largest organ and while topical moisturizers or a humid climate can contribute to skin health, drinking water is a natural plumper and also has the added benefit of flushing out blemish causing toxins.

Want to keep those brain synapses firing properly. Be sure to keep hydrated, especially before a specific task, presentation or chore.

So now you’re hopefully hooked on some of the WHY to drink water!

The next question is HOW MUCH?

Again, we’ve all heard to be sure to drink 8 glasses of water a day. But how can this be accurate when we all have different shapes, sizes, activity levels and climates?

The answer is that eight glasses isn’t the correct answer for all of us all of the time. It can change depending on several factors; including: weight, environmental temperature, activity level, etc…

I use Water Intake Calculator daily to calculate my water intake. You simply answer three basic questions and it tells you what your intake should be on that particular day. Of course, it’s always advisable to check with your health professional when making personal health choices, but it provides a good guide.

If keeping hydrated is important to you — which by now, I hope it is – please consider that what you are eating and drinking could be dehydrating you, as well. A quick list is: alcohol, protein and herbal supplements. The Huffington Post writer, Sarah Klein did a great job of elaborating on these. You can check her article out HERE.

In closing, good hydration is not only important to you and your kids, but your pets as well!

Make sure your furry friends have plenty of fresh water; cleaning their bowl 1–2 times per day eliminating any doggie drool, sediment, bacteria, etc… I also, have additional pet summertime tips HERE to keep your doggie and other pets safe during the warmer months.

Please remember I am in your, your family’s and pet’s corner.

Have a beautiful (and hydrated!) day…

With love,

photo credit: BaileyRaeWeaver via photopin cc

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