What Is A Five Letter Word For Summer Happiness?

What is a five letter word for summer happiness??

In the spirit of nearly record heat here in Arizona last week, I’d like to share with you my newest favorite summer treat!

In a word: WATER!

Not just any water… cucumber-basil, orange-mint (my favorite), blackberry-lime, ginger-orange, good ole lemon…and any other yummy combinations you can come up with! (new additions... Watermelon-Rosemary, Raspberry-Lime, Pineapple-Mint and Blackberry-Sage thanks to Kimberly Newsome)

No more forcing yourself to drink enough water. H‑U-R-R-A‑Y.

So, what is the trick in making this happen? You must find the “perfect pitcher” and add natural flavors that make you happy!

A friend of mine recently gave me THEE most amazing set of pitchers, and it has truly revolutionized my water drinking!

These “Perfect Pitchers” (say that 5 times fast!) are made of BPA-free Acraglass. They are slender, so they are easy to handle and fit in your refrigerator side door easily. They have a water-tight screw on lid, so they don’t spill or leak, and you can set them on their side (as I do). Last, but not least, they each have a half-gallon volume, so all you need to do is drink one pitcher-full a day and you’ve gotten your 8 glasses!

No easier way to keep hydrated. I’ve tried all sorts of jars, mugs and pitchers and these are by far THE BEST and I really enjoy the creating all my flavors and actually DRINKING them;)

Here are the easy steps for you to take....

1. Treat yourself to these Amazing Pitchers.

2. At the end of every day, fill with fresh filtered water.

3. Slice and add whatever your taste-buds fancy. My favorite is orange-mint, so I slice 1 small orange and a drop in a couple large sprigs of mint (pressing lightly between my fingers first to release the flavor). You can use any combination of fruits, veggies and fresh herbs that sound good to you. I’ve even been thinking about trying a cinnamon stick with some apple slices! (UPDATE: I tried cinnamon-apple and it was SO delicious!)

4. Screw on the water-tight lid.

5. Gently turn upside down and then right side up one time.

6. Place in fridge to chill and “steep” overnight…I place it on it’s side…but, whatever works for you is perfect.

7. Within half an hour of waking, and before you eat anything, have a 16 oz glass of your daily batch.

8. Consume all the water in one of these pitchers by the end of the day, and you’ll have gotten your 8 delicious glasses…hurray!

9. Compost or discard the fruit remaining in the pitcher. I do not recommend re-using fruit. Start fresh daily!

10. If you want to mix it up, use the second pitcher to make PERFECT ice tea. Place eight caffeinated or herbal tea bags in one of these pitchers, fill with water and let chill and steep overnight — then toss the bags in the morning. And by perfect, I mean PERFECT! Not bitter, just the right amount of flavor!

Getting these pitchers has actually made my water drinking FUN! I truly hope you love them as much as I do!

Please comment and share your tasty combinations here for all to try!

As always, I’m in your corner…




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