What Does Dying Have To Do With Living?

When Lightning Strikes Make It Count!


I make a point of tracking all my posts, as well as my re-posts of other’s blogs, to see what people are reading.

My number one click-through post is not actually of mine, but rather an article I shared on the top regrets of the dying written by a nurse in the U.K.

I was struck, that with all of the fun, inspiring, truth-telling posts I have written on “living,” that many readers seem just as curious about the other end of the spectrum.

Of course, I was pleased that an article I shared was of value…but, it did cause me to think about what it is that often motivates us. I mean, after all,  I, too, clicked on the “regrets of the dying” link.

I couldn’t resist! I wanted to know what NOT to do. How do I live without regret?

But, the bigger question is...why does it matter?

Why do we have so much shame about regret? Why do we want to disown our flaws as brokenness, when in fact perhaps they are part of the lovely puzzle of our lives that can build on themselves and create a truly meaningful life.

What if no one ever shared their regrets? What if we held steadfast that we wouldn’t change a thing?

Well, I’ll spill it! I have regrets. I have two life changing regrets…

Many years ago when my grandmother became ill I didn’t travel to visit her right away. I already had a trip planned for a few months down the line…so, I decided to wait and see what the doctor’s said. The next call I received was that she had passed away. Dreadful regret. I would give anything for a do-over.

The second thing is that when I was married I got so wrapped up in my husband’s shortcomings that I stopped appreciating all the beautiful things he was. I don’t know that being more appreciative would have changed our divorce outcome, but I can tell you that I am a changed person having gotten to the other side of that bad behavior.

It is the regret that sparked changed and molded me into the joyful woman I am today.

If you have regret and push through it, chances are,  it will become part of you in such a way that you, too, will never be the same.

I’m not meaning clutch to it like a heavy cloak, but rather allow it to be the transformative lightning bolt that is possible.

Buddhists have a practice of  contemplating their death as a way of connecting with the gratitude for living. It is this sort of soulful remembering that regret can offer…as long as you are willing to be healed of the shame that’s attached to it.

What regret do you most struggle with? Is it possible to let it be an encouragement and find a way to heal any aspect of lingering shame? How have you changed as a result of regret? What changes do you want to make?

Don’t hold back!...this is your chance to unload what you’ve been carrying.

I look forward to hearing from you!

And, as always I am in your corner…


P.S. If you are interested the article I reference; Top Five Regrets Of The Dying

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