Are You So Stressed Out That You’re Missing The Joys Right In Front Of You?



Last week I wrote about my experience and the blessings that come from letting things unfold. The flip side of that is attempting to force, pressure and control an outcome. Can you relate to having done this? Doncha feel stress rising just thinking about it? I do!

In the late great Michael Crichton’s book, Jurassic Park, he wrote about the perils of evolving too quickly, or before one’s time. What I remember from that reading was that self-destruction becomes certain, because there is no physiological or psychological infrastructure to support the leapfrogging of the natural pace of things. Much credit, to a remarkable novelist that almost two decades later this still resonates!

I have rushed myself through much of my life; getting in a relationship, getting out of a relationship, getting a job, leaving a job, wanting to free myself from obligations, then taking on too much responsibility. It has been a long road for me to simply be content – grateful, even — for right where I’m at.

I want to emphasize, that everyone’s journey is different. For some, it is about learning to take action, keep commitments, let their word mean something. For others, like myself; it’s learning how to let things be, relax and trust the process.  Either way, whether through procrastination or overachieving there’s a common thread of avoidance that keeps us from being present.

From that place, stress persists and day by day, week by week we, too, begin to self-destruct; maybe physically, mentally, financially, even spiritually. Sadly, in following this path we cheat ourselves of what’s right in front of us; the joy of a unique experience.

What I mean by “unique experience,” is that when I’m trying to run the show, or in another’s case, is procrastinating and not engaging; we’re both missing the opportunity for something new to show up.  The way we’ve been doing it, while the locale and players may have changed, it’s pretty much the same old story.

A number of times in my life I have been accused of being rigid or controlling. And, while I was usually quite defensive, or was able to justify it that “it was because I cared so much…” the reality for me, is that if I was going to be free, I would need to consider a different approach.

When I was finally able to loosen the reins a bit and began letting go of my old ideas, I found that life took on all sorts of interesting and surprising courses. And, as I continue, without fail, I have fresh experiences, I gain new perspectives, and have discovered the miracle of joy.

What is the theme of your life? What is it that seems to eventually come up in relationships, or with work? What feels like an attack?

Are you called inconsistent? Lacking focus? Selfish?  Critical? Distracted? Too sensitive? Late all the time? Harsh? Doormat?

What is it for you? No shame. No judgment. But, remember, you are the common denominator in your life. You and the spirit you choose to feed will drive you.

So this week; don’t shoot the messenger! If all your critics seem to have the same view, they may have a point… Instead of fighting it, hear it. Properly channeling it may be the touchstone to transforming your life!

I won’t promise it won’t hurt a bit…or, that change will come all at once. But, if we are open, willing and honest…it WILL happen!

I look forward to your thoughts and experiences…now get out there and LIVE!

And, as always, I’m in your corner…


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