Three Super Simple Ways to Get Connected And Be Happier...

I’ve had it all backwards. While you’re getting bikini ready starting in April, I’m usually planning my escape from the Arizona heat. Being that I’m not a fan of gyms, the summer is a time I normally take an activity break.

This summer was different.

I found a hole-in-the-wall boxing gym, with an easy, low-key vibe that I like. PLUS they have the number one piece of equipment I long for. A treadmill.

As I was mastering the 20 minute mile (true story for another time) I noticed the read out on the display said “No Heart Rate Detected.” I chuckled, knowing that was definitely a matter of opinion. Even so, it got me thinking…

At the base of the monitor were handles that you grab onto which can, in turn, calculate your heart rate. But, if you don’t reach out, engage with the equipment and allow it to calibrate your pulse, it basically assumes you’re not alive... even if you’re actually running along.

Life is the same way…

We can pop outta bed, whip through breakfast, tear outta the house, race to work or drop the kids off to school in the name of having a good life, yet we never connect.

Perhaps you get a lot done, but ask yourself… is your heart in it?

If your answer is — no, there’s no or little heart in my day-in-day-out life — no shame!

There’s an easy fix... with the treadmill it’s as easy as reaching out and taking the handles. In life, it’s as easy as pausing and connecting.

Three of my favorites tips are:

1. LOOK. Looking someone you’re talking to in the eyes can be an instant way to find out where the other person is really at.
2. TOUCH. Touching their arm or shoulder when speaking to them is an amazing way to be present, and it only takes a moment.
3. TALK. My favorite… a kind and gentle tone in your voice can make all the difference in how you are heard and received.

In a hurried life Look, Touch and Talk become vital to stress reduction. I think you would agree, but are they the first things you abandon?

The SOLUTION is to notice and then PRACTICE doing it differently.

Start with these three Look, Touch, Talk or improvise with your own little tips and tricks that get you connected. I guarantee you will INSTANTLY feel happier. And with a little time, your relationships will be the source of joy and purpose they are intended to be.

What is your experience with losing or getting connected? Please let me know in the comments below. And, definitely let me know how this food for thought may have helped you today.

Sending you loads of love and remember, I am most definitely in your corner…


p.s. Please be sure to share the love...

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