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Last week I discussed the importance of “composition” when you put together an outfit. Knowing how to balance shapes that work with each other as well as your proportions is important to looking your best. You can read more about that here.

This week is all about COLOR. Here are three important DON’TS when adding color to your wardrobe.

These three simple palette guidelines will help put the focus on YOU and your loveliness rather than allowing color to dominate your look.

1. DON’T expect that “trend” is always your friend.

While some may find it completely reasonable to purchase a new wardrobe every season, many, including myself prefer signature pieces that go from season to season, updating as you go.

Recently, Pantone came out with their 2013 Spring color forecast. This year we are moving away from bright neon colors, of recent years, to a softer palette.


Best colors for the best fitted tee design

Here Are Your Spring 2013 Forecast Colors. Note: Brights and Neons From Recent Years Are Fading Away...


If you’ve filled your wardrobe with the super brights from a few years ago, you many quickly find yourself feeling outdated.

But don’t fret! There are key pieces you may have that will carry over; a skinny hot pink accent belt, a breezy turquoise scarf or electric green handbag, for example.

You can add a wonderful pop of color to this spring’s Linen tone with a skinny hot pink belt. Monaco (navy) blue would work great with a bright pink accent, as well.

This way, not only are you utilizing pieces you already have, but you are making the change from brights of the past to softs of the future with a subtle transition of style, rather than an abrupt leapfrog.

2. DON’T Use Statement Colors As Your Foundation Piece.

I always suggest starting with classic base colors; White, Natural, Linen, Navy, (Monaco blue) Denim, Brown, Grey and Black are a few I recommend. You’ll notice I included denim. While it is not a color, per se, denim items can be wonderful foundation pieces.

Once you have your foundation; linen pants with a natural color top for example. Pairing it with a dusky blue wrap rates much higher style-wise, than linen pants with a dusky blue top, AND a dusky blue wrap PLUS a dusky blue hand-bag. When you select this much of the same color you risk being matchy-matchy. And, I KNOW you can do better than that!

However, if the wrap alone isn’t enough color for you, consider adding a bracelet bangle, or a handbag in several shades darker or lighter blue than the wrap. This way you’ve added interest and variation without getting too busy.

3. DON’T Mix Too Many Different Colors Together

As I mention above, it is very easy to have too much going on very quickly when adding colors. A simple rule of thumb is wearing one (or two) neutrals with one accent color.

However, if you do want additional color, take it down to one neutral, one color and then a different shade of the color. For example; Linen (Neutral) and Monaco Blue (Color) with Dusk Blue (Tertiary).

This will give you additional color while maintaining timeless style.


If you aren’t sure what colors work for you, here’s a simple trick. Face a mirror with light shining on your face. Natural light is best.

Take a swatch of colored fabric, or a piece of clothing you are wondering about and rest it under your chin so that the light reflects off of the color onto your face.

If it gives you warmth and vibrance chances are it’s a good color for you. If it drains your face of color, or gives it an unflattering cast, try another color.

Finding your style may be trial and error. Go ahead and start by adding one of these color principles to one of the composition guidelines from last week, and build from there.

If you have any question at all, I would be delighted to share my experience and offer suggestions.

Are there style tips you have that solve a particular problem? Please comment below for all to benefit.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a beautiful day, and remember, I am most definitely in your corner…


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