Inspiration Can Come From The Most Random Places!

Are Your Friends and Clients in Good Hands With You?


Today I received a message from an unfamiliar out-of-state telephone number.

When I check voice mails like this, I’m usually expecting a “buy from us” or “vote for us” automated recording…or, a hang up.

However, what I received was a pleasant surprise.

Imagine a genuine voice; “Hello Thais this is Dorothy and I’m one of the many Allstate employees supporting our Agents. I’m calling today to say thank you for being an Allstate customer. We appreciate your business and the loyalty you’ve shown us.  On behalf of your agent, Pam Prather, thank you again for allowing us to serve you. We’ll keep working hard to make sure you’re in good hands for many years to come. You have a good afternoon, and thank you.”

Thank YOU Dorothy! What a lovely message.

Not only was the content of her message excellent, her tone was personal, warm,…and even though she was likely reading from a script…I got the sense she really cared, and wanted to be helpful.

Well done, I say!

I immediately had a visceral experience of goodwill.  Not only FROM them. But, also FOR them.

Were they marketing to me? Yes.

Simple? Yes.

Brilliant? Double-yes.

They can market to me all day long like this. And, you know why?

Because, it didn’t cost me anything.

It’s the best freebie I’ve ever received. The message was less than a minute long (24 seconds to be exact), I didn’t have to take the time to return a call, log-in, download or even reply.  All I needed to do was receive goodness.

There is so much competition in the marketplace. And, I DO shop prices, because it makes sense. However,  in this case, the savings to go with a bargain insurance company, would likely never have more value than their customer service and the “we’re in your corner” policy.

Not to mention, that I have an ahh-may-zing agent, Pam Prather (email her if you are in Arizona and need help with insurance, by the way), who makes herself available to answer all my many questions, update my policies, and even help me find plans and bonuses that save me money.

My mission and brand is centered around “discovering joy” and “being in your corner.” So perhaps, I am even more sensitive to those who are doing the same.

It’s not just an intelligent way to do business, it’s a whole lotta fun, and brings me personally a heckuva lot of joy!

If you are building your business or even strengthening your personal relationships, consider the generosity of this type of approach; be appreciative and kind, be personal, be brief.

In addition to forwarding a blanket email funny to half a dozen friends, try calling one special friend to simply tell them what they mean to you.

In addition to automated emails to your clients, perhaps pick one person a week to personally email, or call just to tell them you wanted to let them know you appreciate them…and are wanting to make sure everything is going well with the (product/service) you provided, etc… Not a message that requires a reply from them, just a thoughtful check in letting them know you’re there for them.

As always, I’m in your corner…now go be in theirs!


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Inspiration Can Come From The Most Random Places! — 4 Comments

    • Hi Melissa, Thanks for your comment! Do let me know what kind of response you get from thank-you calling your customers. At, the very least, you’ll feel good about reaching out to them... There’s something about goodwill that is SO uplifting! I just checked out your website — darling site — and liked you on Facebook. I’m happy we’re connected and walking this path together! Thanks again for your feedback! Warmly, Thais

  1. Hi Winnie,

    Thank you for the “great” feedback! I’m forever amazed at the big and little things that everyday provides...that continue to make life betta!

    I was JUST thinking about how much I ADORE my hosting company. Yes! They have super load times, PLUS they are a USA based company...I think their HQ is in Utah (not sure). Anyway, they are always available to receive my phone calls, are extremely helpful, very courteous and integrates seamlessly with WordPress (if that is a factor for you). Here’s a link you can use http://​bit​.ly/​q​M​J​aHy ...good of you to ask. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

    In the meantime, happy weekend, thanks for reading and I hope to see you here again!


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