The beauty of best laid plans unraveled...


I’ve taken a true conditioning approach to getting in shape. It’s been important for me not to over-train, because I don’t want to get so sore that I don’t stick with it. And I certainly don’t want to risk injury that would take me off course for weeks, even months.

I’ve been methodical and patient and have indeed made some good progress. And keeping on track is very encouraging!

Then out of the blue, I was bitten by a dog… A good sized puncture wound into my right thigh. Owwie!

Fortunately, I already had a tetanus shot on board, but still needed to get checked out at Urgent Care and pick up some antibiotics.

The ordeal pretty much derailed my day, and… of course, derailed my workouts, because frankly it hurt like heck!

I have to laugh, because no matter how practical and thoughtful I was with my process, something unexpected happened.

Note to self: Life = Something unexpected happening.

No matter how many times you learn this lesson.. it will still show up in one form or another.

It’s not that it’s a bad idea to make a plan, just know that it won’t likely unfold exactly as you expect.

And it seems when you try to AVOID something happening (injury in my case), there are no guarantees!

Are you at the whim of the universe? I’m not sure. But, I do know that if you don’t take yourself too seriously, you will enjoy this ride – called life – a whole lot more.

What’s the latest thing that you’ve tried to have work out in a specific way and time and it went completely haywire? Did it work out anyway? Differently? Better?

I can’t wait to hear all of your great stories...

Until then have a beautiful day and remember that I am definitely in your corner.

With love,

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The beauty of best laid plans unraveled... — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Thais! Sometimes things do not go the way we planned or wanted. However, we just have to keep trucking on! FYI....Hey, are you going to be introducing cotton canvas bags in the near future? 🙂

    • Yes... keep on truckin’... together:) We ARE planning on introducing canvas totes AND expanding the “Top Dog” artwork to include a variety of breeds. Very exciting. But, first things first. Right now I am very focused on getting PlayExerciseTrain​.com off the ground which is a new pet product brand. Sortof an extension of Lucky Duck Living. 

      Thanks so much for commenting, and I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we make progress with the totes. They’ll be super cute! xo

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