Slouchy to Svelte” Part 2 Of Your Super-Simple Summer Makeover

When was the last time you stood up straight?


How’s your summer going?

Hopefully, you are enjoying some extra time with family, friends and kids…

The downside can be that summertime can throw off our routines and you can neglect yourself in the process! Sound familiar?

Last week I posted part 1 of 3 for your Super-Simple Summer Makeover. Be sure to check it out…it’s a reminder of one of THEE most basic ways us gals can take care of ourselves, and feel special in the process! Hint: Lift and Separate.

But, first, this week, part 2 is an instant fix for your summertime rut.

First, consider how much time we spend; on the computer, carrying children, lugging groceries, driving, wrangling pets and on and on…

Are you feeling tightness in your neck, a twinge in your shoulder, or a dull ache between your shoulder blades just thinking about it?

The culprit may not be the demands on your body, it may be the way you approach them.

Solution? Shoulders back!

That’s right, ladies. Posture makes perfect!

This simple principle can completely transform not only the way you stand, but also the way your body works, the way your clothes fit, the way you’re perceived and most importantly the way you feel about yourself.

A simple guide is – from the side — your ears, shoulders and hips should align.  Being relaxed is also key…no military stances required.

Many find yoga helpful. But if that’s not your thing, there are numerous activities that can build body awareness about your stance; ballet class, pilates,...even simple stretches.

But, if being super busy keeps you from regular weekly care, even taking a break in the moment can be incredibly helpful.

For example, don’t spend more than an hour at a time on your computer. Stand up, go get yourself a glass of water, roll your shoulders back half a dozen times, gently flex your neck, touch your toes…you get the idea.

One thing to remember, give you’re a body break BEFORE it’s in pain, and you won’t have to repair the damage later.

Starting by taking care of yourself in these seemingly small ways, can lead to bigger and better activities that keep your body…and, in turn your spirit in tune!

If you want some more info I found this article very helpful.

In the meantime, I encourage you to incorporate good posture into your daily routine, and I just bet it’ll freshen up your summer in a snap!

Please leave a comment, and….

As always, I’m in your corner!


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photo credit: Mait Jüriado via photo pin cc

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