No More Coffee Anxiety Thanks A Latte Green Tea...

Green Tea Latte recipe from Lucky Duck Living organic tee founder Thais Zoe

No More Coffee Jitters!

Who doesn’t LOVE coffee? Well… I don’t!

Honestly, I do love the smell of it and even the taste of a good latte or Greek coffee, but I don’t like what java does to my system…

Horrible migraines, an energy roller coaster and don’t get me started on the coffee breath! If any or all of these woes resonate with you, or you’re looking for a sometime coffee alternative, you’re going to love this…

First let me say; for about three years Green Tea Lattes were my coffee shop alternative to coffee drinks. I liked their earthy flavor (kinda like a green tea ice cream) and the gentleness of the green tea caffeine. But, when I found out their drink mix was mostly sugar, it really put a damper on things.

But, I’m nothing if not persistent! I did some investigating and discovered how easy, healthy and inexpensive (compared to a $5 coffee shop version) it was to make at home. And, the best part… DELICIOUS!

Now this yummy beverage is a part of my morning ritual and, frankly, it makes me SO happy! I’ve put together a super easy video to show you how I make mine. So here’s your chance to demystify and fall in love with “matcha.” Not just because of how it tastes, but because of how you’ll feel…

There are a few key items that I’ve discovered make the difference in quality and ease. So if you decide to give it a try, consider these items.

• High Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder (Key ingredient. store in freezer)

• Bamboo wisk and bamboo scoop (A must. Rinse after each use)

• Small strainer (A must. Rinse after each use)

• A wide mouthed 16 oz mug (Seems to work well for me)

• Raw Agave Nectar (My sweetner of choice, but experiment with what tastes good to you)

• Unsweetened Almond Milk with Vanilla (I’ve tried all kinds of milk and this is my absolute favorite when making Green Tea Latte)

If you haven’t watched my video yet, be sure to go to my Green Tea Latte How To Video page. You’ll also find links to my tried and true items for your convenience.

If you have any questions, please post in the comments so that all can benefit and I’ll get back to you in a snap!

Also, I’d love to hear if you give it a try and how you like it. Or, I’m interested in what your morning beverage ritual is…

Until then, have a beautiful day and remember I am most definitely in your corner…


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