Just Thinking About Getting All These Pesky Items Completed Has Me Delirious With Anticipation…

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I did it! I FINALLY fixed my kitchen shelf! It took me exactly 7 months, 4 days and 6 minutes. You guessed it…I thought about repairing it for 7 months and 4 days. And, yesterday, when I took the plunge it took me a whopping 6 minutes to complete the project.

1 minute to get a screwdriver. 90 seconds to remove everything from the shelf. About 30 seconds to assess. A minute to tighten the screws that caused the rolling rack to come loose…and, another 2 minutes to put everything back into place. Voila!

This begs the question…what other little tid-bits might be siphoning off my good energy after bad?

• I have sample t‑shirts awaiting evaluation and notes.
• I have a tiny chip on my tooth (probably only I can see) awaiting repair.
• There’s the dust under the sofa calling to me, everyday when I rescue a dog toy.
• My digital email signature block needs the revised banner uploaded.
• Dirty dishes…always dishes!
• And, many many more...

I’ve heard it said…and, by the way have practiced…do the thing you want to do least first. In that context, don’t waste your time with little things. Don’t distract yourself from important tasks with items that don’t really move you forward.

A good practice, indeed. However, my “shelf repair“ experience got me thinking…I spent SO MUCH energy NOT doing a little thing. What would happen if I actually made a list of every “little” thing I could think of and dedicated a day to getting them all done? Or even half a day, or a few hours?

No distractions…just me and releasing the little demons that promote my procrastination.

What a concept! I’ve been thinking thoughts that actually promote procrastination.
So, it would seem that while I don’t currently act out on my busyness to keep me from being truly productive, my mind is still ablaze with the busyness of what I could, should, or ought to get done! Hmmmm…

Can you relate? We can do better!

Here’s my plan…

A few categories; Self-care, Home, Car, Business, Relationships.

There may be more, or different for you….but, they’re what come to mind for me. Keep it simple.

Then…brain-storm for each category the little things that you can never seem to get to. And, remember there are no silly “to-dos.” If they are not getting done and sucking your focus and energy, they matter...so put ’em on your list!

Set one full day aside this month, and get them done! If you’ve delayed things for a time, you may need to set aside a day per category. Either way, the best part is; you’ve got it scheduled. So if it starts to gnaw at you, remind yourself you’ve set a time and a date, and, stay focused on the truly important things right in front of you!

Just thinking about getting all these pesky items completed has me delirious with anticipation…

Now, I’m gonna do my list, set a date and report back next week. I hope you will, too;)

Until then, I’m in your corner…


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