Is Life Whipping You Around Like A Tetherball?

Tetherball_Your key to happiness is not being whipped around

Today was going to be week three of simple tips and inspiration for gettin’ things done...

The first week was an ode to getting and keeping your home environment serene. If you missed it, you can see the article and the awesome cleaning calendar here.

Last week was focused on uncovering your style within the wardrobe you have. You can check out those ideas for pulling your look together here.

This week I’m scrapping my original plan.

As I write, I’ve got a heating pad on my back and an icepack on my neck.

Six words… “I was rollerblading with my dog.”

I guess I could stop there and you could imagine… but, it’s a pretty good story, so here I go.

I was rollerblading with my dog… and, it was gorgeous out. 73 degrees, sunny, a light breeze and hardly anyone on the paths around the lake. He was frisky, I was frisky and I goosed his happy trot into a gallop. We were flying! So FUN!

Suddenly, in one stride he went from full speed to a hunched over pooping position. I sling-shotted past him, the leash tightened and then whipped me around like a tetherball. Hi-larious! We musta looked like a cartoon… I dropped like a 40 lb. bag of kibble.

As I lay there on the ground, he glanced at me woefully as he finished his business and wandered over to see what it was I found so interesting in the dirt!

Amazingly no scrapes or bruises. Just a little sore.

It occurred to me as I dusted myself off; why didn’t I just let go? He’d of had his potty break without the traction on his neck, and I would of glided down to an easy end.

It coulda been because I didn’t want to chase him down if he took off after the ducks. Or, perhaps I was worried he’d run over the hill into the street. Maybe I even thought it would somehow balance me.

But, the reality is none of that occurred to me.

This got me thinkin’ about how difficult surrender and letting go can be.

Yet, letting go has always been the cornerstone for my spiritual growth and key to my happiness. It’s the moment my body relaxes and there’s room to again discover joy.

Is life whipping you around like a tetherball? 

Consider letting “them” go do their business while you remember who you are, maintain your balance... and effortlessly glide along.

Nice thought, huh?

Now that I have literally acted out this metaphor for you, I hope it’ll make your day better, your interactions sweeter and your spirit lighter.

What is it they say??? Let go are be dragged? Close enough.

Have a beautiful day and remember, I am most definitely in your corner!


photo credit: alexisnyal via photopin cc

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