Is Getting Rid Of Deadwood Enough To Flourish?

My home has a stoop that overlooks the back courtyard. It’s large enough for two chairs, a small table and some plants. There’s a large 8’ tentacled plant that leans against the surrounding wall that had grown over into the seating area.

Until the past week it’s been too hot to comfortably sit outside here in Arizona, so I hadn’t thought much about this little backyard haven.

Now that the weather has turned I went about cleaning up the area, repositioning the fire pit and, yes, trimming back the deadwood that was blocking the enjoyment of my mini-terrace.

When I finished I remarked on two things; firstly that there was a massive amount that had needed to be cut away – I hadn’t realized how congested the area had been. Secondly, what remained had been transformed into an inviting and welcoming retreat.

It got me thinking about how easy that is to do in life…to not even realize all the relational drag you’re living with.

But there is a choice. Either you can continue on with status quo in work, relationships, finances, etc… or shake it up a bit.

True. Sometimes just getting by is the best we can do. However, as the seasons change, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate some areas, or even one area of your life that could come back to life with a simple pruning.

Where’s the filler? The overgrowth? The encroachment?

To have the life you dream doesn’t just mean letting go of deadwood, it can also mean trimming run away areas that impede your balance and keep you from flourishing and growing deep strong roots of happiness.

What comes to mind for you? It could be as basic as a wardrobe cleaning, involved as your relationships, or as practical as recreating your financial plan.

Whatever it is for you? Please comment below. I want to hear from you!

And remember, I am definitely in your corner...


photo credit: -12°C via photopin cc

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