Is Fear Ruling Your Finances?

Is Financial Uncertainty Getting The Best Of You?


This week I received three requests for charitable contributions. All worthy, don’t get me wrong…but my first reaction was “not now.”

Because I believe in the importance of contribution, the only way I could not contribute was to swiftly build a case against giving. Machiavellian, I know!

My reasoning amounted to: I’m launching my company now, and need to put every penny into it. When it is up and running, I’ll give. When I get that money that is owed to me, I’ll give. When I know what is going on with my mortgage, I’ll give. My company gives 10% of profits as it is, once I break even, I’ll start to give personally ...etc, etc… Any of these sound familiar to you and your life?

We all have a host of reasons why now is not the time to separate from our hard earned green! But, this is what I’ve learned…. For me, withholding is based on fear…or worse, entitlement. And, when I’ve been too afraid, or too jaded to give when I have little, I’ve been too afraid to give when I have a lot.

If one does not principally believe in giving to others, that is their absolute right, and I respect it. However, there is no worse prison than to be someone who does believe in the principle of contribution, yet pushes it off to “some day.” Don’t let that be you!

Contribution in my life has taken many forms; time, money and clothing. It would be nice if only altruism was at it’s core, but for me I find giving freely is the best way to combat the paralyzing fear and entitlement that can rule me if left untreated.

That’s right, if I get afraid of how I’m going to pay my bills, I put a little extra in the basket when it’s passed. When I don’t know how in the world I’m ever going to get everything done in the time I have, I’ll run an errand for my mom. It is another of life’s great paradoxes. Give what I have little of, and it seems magically transformed into plenty.

Once in the habit of generosity, I find that life, by default, becomes more abundant.

Funny thing. Today I did indeed send money to all three contribution requests, and, my spirit immediately calmed. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to be blessed ten-fold, nor that I am a better person than someone who chooses not to contribute. But, I intuitively know, as do many of us, when something is simply the right thing to do…even if it doesn’t make sense on paper. When I trust and follow this…the freedom I feel is my reward. And, coming from that place, anything is possible!

What are the areas in your life you might hang on a bit too tightly? Money? Time? Emotions? I challenge you to act against these forces and watch peace and happiness unfold.

I can’t wait to hear how it changes things!

I’m in your corner….


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