Is Doing What’s “Good” For You An Old Idea?

The key to happiness isn't pain
A few days ago a friend of mine said he was thinking about going out to the Superstition Mountains this weekend. With all the rain we’ve had, and now the warmer temperatures, it’s going to be gorgeous; flowers blooming, massive Arizona skies, gorgeous rock and cliff formations...


What you may not know about me is that, while I’m a huge fan of the outdoors; I love NOT hiking and even more...enjoy NOT camping;)

Had he said, “want to go hiking?” I would have laughed, my decline and been done with it. But, flowers? Sunshine? Birds chirping? Definitely. I’m in!

So it got me thinking about the enjoyment that comes from anticipation. And in turn, the dread that comes from forcing solutions.

Knowing what motivates you is key to health, happiness and consistency.

Strolling through nature motivates me about 10 times more than “going for a hike.” And, it reminded me of a wonderful doctor that once told me NOT to go to the gym, just find something I like to do.

Back then it was kickboxing… I kicked a** by the way! Then running on the beach and riding horses when I lived in California became my routine. And today it’s rollerblading with my shweet pit bull, giving both of us a workout.

And, pssst...I don’t enjoy yoga, but, I love ballet barre. Find what’s right for YOU.

I’m convinced that doing what you truly enjoy promotes a more receptive system to health, fitness and overall well-being.

Besides, if you like something you stick with it. And when you stop liking it, or it’s not possible to continue you can do something else that floats your boat.

Discipline is fantastic in the right context. Persistence is an amazing attribute. But when you feel punished, forced or shamed into something you’re doing to make yourself feel better… it could be doing more harm than good to your system overall.

Do you want to suffer through a workout to feel better later? I don’t! I really believe that “no pain, no gain” is an old idea.

I have a blast skating with my pup. Before hand I feel great thinking about the fun I’m going to have, I enjoy taking him to the park where we zoom around, and afterwards my bod thanks me!

It’s vital that I take care of my health. But emotion, mental and spiritual health mustn’t be sacrificed for the physical. And, vice versa.

As a woman, feeling good is utmost in my motivation to do anything. After years of masculating myself to be stronger, do more… mind over matter, etc… I’ve found being kind and gentle with myself, while sometimes foreign, is truly the key to joy and lasting happiness.

What’s your experience with this? Do you love your workouts? Your friends? Your work? Your church?

Are your life choices a plate of spinach that tastes horrible, but you think you have to eat it cause it’s good for you? I love spinach. But, again, force-feeding life is an old idea.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

And, as always, I am definitely in your corner!


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