I Really Need To Do This More!



I LOVE going to the movies! Whether it’s the years I worked in the film biz, the feeling of being transported to another time and place, simply watching talented often beautiful people, or being provoked beyond my normal comfort zone… hands down, going to the movies makes me sooo happy!

For years, every time I’d sit in a theater my body would exhale relief…and, like clockwork I’d announce, “I really need to do this more!” However, time after time I’d enjoy the movie, then weeks, if not months would go by without a repeat.

Last summer I finally designated Thursdays as movie night. I didn’t mind going solo, and it just seemed like something good to do for myself. Then, I took it a step farther and sent out an email to my girlfriends and invited them along. Now, over a year later I’ve barely missed a week.

There’ve been some great flicks, some not so great ones and a few duds. But, one thing is always the same; the anticipation!

This reminds me of a woman I knew years ago that often referred to her “forward to.” Meaning, she always had something planned that she was looking forward to.

Now, I am definitely a fan of being present. Getting so wrapped up in future plans that I miss the beauty and opportunity to connect with what’s right in front of me would not be a healthy approach. But, I have decided my Thursday Gal’s Movie Night is a gift that I give myself every week…whether my pals can make it or not! It’s tangible, it’s consistent and the thought of it makes me smile! What I wasn’t prepared for is that this simple gesture has been a building block to generally being happier with myself and kinder in the way I approach my life.

Consider making a date with yourself. Something that you can do for a couple of hours every week; a cooking or dance class, the movies, taking your dog for a hike, mani/pedi, rock wall climbing….what is it that would make you shine? Choose something you know you would enjoy, but have been putting off because either you haven’t wanted to go alone, or just get too busy for! Got it? Now give it a time and a start date….and make it a standing plan.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “the road to someday leads to nowhere..” Do it now…and let me know what you find.

I’m in your corner…


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I Really Need To Do This More! — 2 Comments

  1. I am HUGE fan of making time for yourself. In fact, I talk about going on “Me Dates” all the time. I really need to make these dates for myself more often. I think I am going to take my once a month “me dates” and turn them into once a week events. Thanks for the friendly reminder.

    • Thanks so much for your post Kimberly!...I am sooo happy to hear you may be expanding to once a week for yourself! As you know it’s pure gold! Amazing, how many excuses I can make up even after a year of reaping the benefits! I almost (operative word being almost) blew off my Thursday movie to update my website. Uhhh....what’s up with that!? So happy I went...saw “People vs. State of Illusion”...great content. Delighted we’re on this path togetha!!!

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