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I’m late writing this post, and, since most of us don’t have the extra time the week before Christmas to read our emails (even favorites, like mine;) I considered re-posting an archived favorite.

But, I was inspired by a recent conversation to share some holiday prevention medicine.
What’s that saying...? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?

I would agree, sometimes there is a way to set the stage that costs way less emotionally, than cleaning up a mess later.

In my effort to stand with you in having joy in your life, below are my three tried and true tips to help you navigate your holiday gatherings. Of course, these apply year round...and, in fact, when applied year round, you might find the holidays are less stressful!

1. Less said, sooner mended. Remember, just because you believe something is true, or that you have a right to say it doesn’t mean it would be helpful to actually say it. Be kind.

2. Never worry in advance. Sometimes, the build up of how difficult something or someone might be is so much worse than the reality, plus all that negative energy projecting what’s gonna happen contributes to the tension of the occasion. Breathe.

3. Keep it light and be polite. The holidays are intended to be a festive celebration. People are who they are. Chances are they’re not going to be different because it’s the holidays. But, YOU can be different. Have some good food, enjoy some light chit chat about a movie or a book that’s recently in your world, smile often, don’t over do the drink...and, for goodness sake...have fun!

And a bonus tip is...take your own car. That way, if none of my helpful hints are effective, you have an out! But, if you do find it necessary to leave, smile and say thank you. Being gracious costs you much less than it buys.

I wish a very Merry Christmas to those celebrating, and to the rest of you, Happy December 25th!

Either way, please remember I am most definitely in your corner...


photo credit: hapal via photopin cc

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