How To Get Happy With The Life You Already Have!

What Does This Chair Have To Do With Your Happiness?


One of my greatest joys in my life as an Interior Designer is when I get to do remodels. I find tremendous satisfaction in taking an environment and items past their prime and giving them new life.

This tendency applies to my wardrobe, as well. It seems I’m constantly reinventing dated styles; a slit here, a trim there…some layering, feathers, even.

Good old RIT dye, a glue gun and some left over fabric samples have given many a clothing item a second – and even third – chance.

Not only is it great fun, but there is nothing more environmentally and budget friendly than using what you already have! Don’t throw away perfectly good flip-flops because they’re made in China, so that you can buy American. Wait ’til they wear out...then GO USA. Otherwise it’s simply WASTEFUL, my lovely.

Thinking about this gave me the bright idea to skip my grocery shopping last week; sort through my pantry and fridge, using the items that have shifted to the back, will go bad if I don’t use them soon, or I’ve just forgotten I have.

The result? Dinner last night was a HUGE success!

I found a package of gourmet artichoke pasta that I had been gifted, a long ago purchased jar of alfredo sauce, half a package of soy chorizo (spicy Mexican sausage) in the fridge and peas from the freezer as an afterthought.

I cooked the pasta while I browned the chorizo giving it a little texture. I then stirred the chorizo into the heated alfredo sauce, then drained the pasta well and added it into the sauce.

The frozen peas then occurred to me, so I quickly heated them in the microwave and folded them into the creamy-spicy-pasta mixture I had.

Boy-o-boy was it De-Lish!

Consider the adventure of not buying anything new for a spell, other than the fixin’s to help what you already have become useful.

Maybe scramble last night’s pasta with some fresh eggs and create your new signature omelette?

How about unearthing or purchasing some remnant fabric you love to cover grandma’s chair you have stored away and keep meaning to do something with? 

Perhaps some faux fur or a feather boa to either stitch or hot glue to the collar of an old jacket or sweater?

Here’s a BIG hooray to all the old jeans altered into capris with fabulous trim and then restyled a year later into fun cut-offs with fringe.

Halleluiah to the dilapidated thrift store finds transformed into cherished pieces.

And, Cheers to the scrumptious accidental recipes that have yet to be discovered.

When you get involved with, and look for new ways to live the life you already have, it has a way of increasing in value and becoming more precious in the process.

Sounds pretty good to me! What about you?

What is one item you’ve found another use for?  Or, recovered, restyled or revamped? Was it off the charts satisfying? Is there an invented recipe you’d care to share?

I’m so inspired by all your good ideas. Please comment below and remember…

I am always in your corner!


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