How To Float Time...


The other day I was checking on a prescription at my local pharmacy and the tech, commented how pretty she thought my last name, Zoe, was.

This prompted a – no more than — 30 second conversation about popular names. At which point she interrupted what she called her “ramblings.” To which I replied, “but, these unexpected connections we make and chats we have are part of what make our days special, right…?” I could hear the smile in her voice as she agreed. We completed our business and wished each other a good day.

It literally only takes a moment to connect with another human being. Whether at the market, coffee shop, with your family as they rush out the door, or a colleague. 

Whether over the phone, or eye-ball to eyeball, taking the moment to extend interest with a quick question or a kind word has a way of floating our spirit and expanding time. 

Plus, you’ll find that all of a sudden you have an army of angels in your corner. Just like I am…

With love,

photo credit: drp via photopin cc

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