How can you enjoy life even more?

Vito “The Toast” Corleone


Lately, my puppy Vito is my greatest teacher.

He’s a therapy dog in training, and last night was his weekly obedience class. My day ran long and I could see that I wasn’t going to have the half-hour to take him to the park first.  I decided to go right to class when my gut said…”go to the park anyway.” So, I made a U‑turn.

Vito frolicked with some new pals that played like he likes to play, and I met a like-spirited group of dog owners.  After about 10 minutes we headed back to the car. I noticed my pup was prancing with an extra spark in his eye, and I was more relaxed with the added benefit of making some lovely acquaintances. We got to class with time to spare, and I couldn’t help thinking how much those 10 minutes improved our evening.

For years I ignored the inner promptings that were trying to guide me to a richer, more satisfying life. I was so focused on completing a schedule to feel productive that I lost sight of the details that give life color.

While I still find great accomplishment in checking off my to-do list, it pales in comparison to the lasting satisfaction of the miraculous moments that are mine to receive every day. The more I practice following my gut, acting on my inner promptings and listening to the quiet voice that guides me; the more joy fills my day.

Have you been listening to, or dismissing your inner promptings? For the next 24 hours, listen, follow...and see where it takes you. Then come back and tell me about it...

I can’t wait to hear what you discover!



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