From Classic to Crazy: How To Make The Latest Nail Colors and Trends Your Own

variety in polish and fun organic tshirt design

When it comes to style, I’m the first to get Capital L‑A-Z‑Y.

In fact, part of why I started Lucky Duck Living is because I wear t‑shirts all the time and I couldn’t find an American made brand that fit well, looked great, was super soft and had designs that made me happy. So... voila!

This said, I’m very cost conscious and have become an expert at accessorizing a few great quality basics like, my tees, jeans, jackets and classic lines to eliminate breaking the bank, while keeping current, comfortable and fresh.

Once of the easiest ways to feel “your best” is simple grooming.

Who doesn’t feel fantastic when their hair is done just right… BUT, who has time for that regularly? Not me. I live in my ponytail 70% of the time!

On the other hand, having a great manicure and pedicure not only looks great, but gives you a sense of self care and pampering… AND it can last for weeks with proper products and care. So, you can wake up and go.

First off, you want to combine current trends with colors that work for YOU.

For example, the color black looks fantastic on some of you gals, but it looks horrible on me… at least I feel like it looks horrible.

If you like black and bold colors, this year the runways showed lots of moody alternatives for fall/winter; oxblood, deep navy and loden green, to name a few.







But, beware. Choosing nail colors because they’re popular is not necessarily a good rule for looking your best. However, trusting how different colors make you feel is a great guide. Literally, hold a bottle of nail polish you’re considering and check how you feel; sweet? sexy? daring? And, if you’re not quite sure, sometimes varying the shade of a color can make the difference between a “hit” or “miss.”

Also, metallics are continuing to be popular this season, specifically gold and silver.

And if you like a brighter pop, tangerine orange is showing both on lips and nails… this mostly comes into play late winter early spring 2014, but really can be worn all year.
A great color and style for nails and made in america shirts







If you like different patterns on your nails – NOTEdesigns that are on the way “out” are; the ombre fade, as well as the ring finger painted a different color. The reality is, if you like these looks go for it. It is, after all, about what makes you happy. But, if you want to play with what’s new, you’ll want to read on…

The half moon design is THE popular design right now. Either at the base or the tip of the nail, with variations on shape, size and colors.
Organic made in america tshirt for women







Also, what I call the Mondrian is a popular color-blocking look, if you want to mix it up with a fun geometric choosing your favorite complementary colors. 

best tshirt and nail style









Experimenting is fun… and, the fantastic thing about nail color is that it’s not much of a commitment. If you don’t like how it looks, simply take it off!

Speaking of polish coming off… there are a few simple tricks I want to share to help your color STAY ON and last for 10 days +

1. Use a good quality basecoat. I use and love Orly Bonder Basecoat

2. Pick a nail color brand that has staying power. I regularly use and am crazy about Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. It stays on forevah! I like #210 Shall We Dance on my hands which is a pale pink, and a color called Commander and Chic on my toes, which is a medium pink‑y beige. I’ve linked to a few colors, but you can find all sorts of shades in this special brand at your local drugstore.

3. Apply a clear topcoat when dry and reapply a quick coat every 2–3 days. I use Barielle UV glaze top coat Pro.

4. Apply a cuticle oil generously to cuticles and nail bed at bedtime. I adore No Lift Nails Cuticle Oil. While it doesn’t make a difference in terms of how long the polish lasts, it really makes a difference in how good your manicure and pedicure look overall.

You can absolutely get a couple of weeks out of your manicure and a solid month out of a pedicure with these products and care.

If you want further information on some great tools I use to keep my hands and toesies looking great you can go to my Beauty Faves page and scroll to the bottom..

But, first take a moment to comment and let me know your favorite colors, designs and tips to making your color last!

Have a beautiful day and remember, I am most definitely in your corner..


Nailpolish Variety photo credit: kayepants via photopin cc
Navy photo credit: The Fingernail Files | www​.thefingernailfiles​.com via photopin cc
Half moon nail credit: photo credit: Helmetti via photopin cc
Mondrian nail photo credit: okadots via photopin cc
Orange manicure photo credit: kittynailpolish via photopin cc

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