Flip. The. Switch.


The lights went out… and so did the air conditioning, washer/ dryer, dishwasher, freezer, tv, alarm clock and my phone and laptop charger!

With a flip of a switch (or a faulty breaker in my case)… I was in darkness.

In the 12 hours it took to get everything sorted out it really made me think that while technology and modern day appliances are grand, ELECTRICITY surely trumps all.

This got me pondering MY source… as with my home life that requires power, my mind-body-spirit does, as well.

And, as with the function and efficiency of my home, EVERYTHING shuts down if I’m not actively receiving the current.

And that is the key. The current was there, but it wasn’t being received.

I suppose it manifests differently depending on who you are; sleep, nutrition, time… it’s there, but are you set up to receive it? Are you able to reap the benefits of the energy trying to feed you?

If the answer is no… not to worry. Whether you have a chronic or acute disconnection, KNOWING is a great place to start. And in our humanness we are designed to seek solutions. 

These are a few solutions I’ve found that are sure to help reconnect:

SWITCH IT UP: What worked yesterday may not be working today. DO something different. The type of exercises you do, the way you meditate, the people you spend time with.

RESET: Give yourself permission to STOP everything you are doing to try to connect. Sometimes, we need to switch completely OFF, before we can truly be on.

RECOMMIT: Whatever your practices are that keep you connected to source, make a commitment to do them day in and day out for 30, 60 or 90 days in-a-row. Sometimes it as simple lack of consistency, or that you’ve simply gotten out of practice…

Wherever you’re at with it, whatever way you like to stay connected, we are in it together…

And I am most definitely in your corner!

With love,

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