Feeling Blue? Happiness Is A Gift Sitting Right In Front Of You That Simply Needs To Be Opened!

The best of gifts often come in the smallest of packages!


I am dedicated to being in your corner and helping you discover joy through your everyday life.

Two of my basic principles for being connected with unstoppable joy are giving and receiving.

I find more often than not, both come in the simplest of forms.

The other day I bought myself some perfume. Once I paid, the clerk said, “let me wrap this for you.” And, proceeded to wrap a beautiful ribbon around the box and fashioned a lovely bow before she placed it in a gift bag with their branded wrapping tissue.

She could have easily plopped the box in a bag and sent me on my way completely happy. But, the care taken to make something ordinary into something special really made my day!

It reminded me of the subtle touches you can add to everyday life; chocolate chips into your kids pancakes, a slice of lemon to a glass of water you get your spouse, or a funny photo you email or text to a friend.

Having a spirit of generosity simply can’t fail in boosting your happiness quotient.

The flip-side of this is receiving. Personally, I find it’s often best to begin by receiving from yourself, rather than demanding it from others. My go-to sources are humor, sweetness and beauty.

I regularly watch standup comedians, check out cute animal pictures online and buy myself flowers.

Whatever it is for you; start by allowing yourself to receive these precious moments from yourself and the world will follow suite…it’s truly magical!

To get you started, I’ve included two of my favorite “instant happiness” tools.

The first is a 247 puppy cam. That’s right, a live link to a litter of pups. Can you stand it!

The second is my #FlowerFriday board on Pinterest. Every week I buy myself flowers and share them – along with a quote – with you! And, the really cool thing is you can follow the board and I’ll add you so you can join in and pin your own flowers, too!

It’s the seemingly small actions we take everyday that lead us to the happiness we seek.

I invite you to join me on this journey of joy. Please share here how you “give and receive.” I love hearing what you’re up to!

And, as always, I’m in your corner…


photo credit: One Way Stock via photopin cc

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