Dusty Lot or Paradise?


Recently a friend of mine was in Telluride, Colorado and sent me a photo of the picturesque main street. He went on to tell me a bit about this sleepy little town, the annual festivals, the 1000s it attracts every year and that it was settled in a box canyon.

I looked it up and discovered a “box canyon” is: a small ravine or canyon with steep walls on three sides, allowing access and egress only through the mouth of the canyon.

In other words… A dead end.

This means that if you want to visit Telluride you go with intent. You’re likely not passing through on your way to someplace else, but you specifically want to spend time in their town.

Yet, when we think of something or someone being a “dead end,” the connotation is generally negative. A dead end job. A dead end relationship. …that it’s going nowhere. See what I mean?

OR… it could be it’s just the way we look at things…

Perhaps, instead it’s a safe place where you can regroup, nest, or figure out what it is you really want. OR... stay.

Maybe it’s not the end, but the beginning of a new way of living, loving and being.

It’s true that where you are may never be more to you than a dusty lot meant for someone else. But, then again, perhaps it’s meant to transform it into your paradise on a cul-de-sac.

It’s for you to discover. Either way you win.

I imagine when Telluride was settled, there were many that couldn’t imagine making it home and exchanged the surety of their companion’s vision of gold for a different adventure farther up in Montrose, or another Colorado town they felt called to.

They followed an instinct and their need to settle in a place that was meant for them…

Even so, I find it interesting to note that the mines of Telluride never did give gold, but rather zinc, silver and other valuable metals. So while the settlers of this lovely box canyon town did prosper, it wasn’t in the way expected.

Makes me think that perhaps the outcome is less important than the joy of the journey…

What say you?

With love and good wishes.

I am most definitely in your corner.

With love,

photo credit: kevindean via photopin cc

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