Drowning In The Social Media Wave? Save Yourself With This Lifesaving Basic...


Ready to claim good feelings?

I’m reminded how easy it is to get overloaded and wanted to share this favorite post with some great tips from earlier this year...

My head hurts! Not in a headachey way, but in a “too much information”…or TMI — as the youngsters are sayin’ — way.

First, there was LinkedIn. Then Facebook and Twitter. However, now, if you want to be ranked, Google Plus is a must. Of course, YouTube, owned by Google can be vital, too. And, it seems, if you don’t burn an hour a day on Pinterest, it’s hard to keep relevant!

Almost all the social media““experts” I’ve read – and there are great ones out there — insist that you can do Twitter in 10 minutes a day, and social media overall in a couple of hours.  Ummm…not in my experience.

If, like me, you are building your business using social media, and sometimes feel like a failure because it seems impossible within a reasonable weekly time-frame, I’m here to say that you don’t need to sweat it! And, most importantly – don’t give up!

We are not social media experts! And, thankfully we do not need to be….

The most important social media basic is to understand your clientele. Once you learn about whom you serve, you can sort out where they hang out.

For example, my company Lucky Duck Living is a feel good t‑shirt brand all about being comfy, stylish and making a difference in our communities. At the core of that, I write about life as I see it, because I believe authenticity and telling the truth is the direct passageway to having lasting joy in our lives.

For me, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the best fit…with Google Plus necessary for rankings.

If my “product” was informational instead of a super fantastic tee, then perhaps I would prioritize YouTube over Google Plus. If I was looking for wholesalers, then I might prioritize LinkedIn over Pinterest.

It’s more effective to target your efforts than to try and do everything.

However, if you know your audience and clientele and still find yourself unable to focus, here is my super simple secret…

Decide how many hours per week – or how many minutes per day you are going to spend on social media. Period.

I once heard Michael Eisner, talking about creativity stemming from limitation rather than limitlessness. Meaning, if, I can simply throw more money, or (in this case) more time at a challenge, the options — and in many cases the process — becomes exponentially greater.

However, if you give yourself a finite amount of money or time to accomplish a task, or project, the pressure that is created, will bring forth a truly creative solution. Much like, pressure on diamonds brings forth their luster.

Give it a go. Decide where your clients hang out and how much time you are going to spend on social media…and stick to it! From this place you will best be able to decide what networks will work best, and which ones to let go of, or back off from.

I look forward to hearing what your experience is, and hope that you’ll join me in taking back our lives from thinking we need to do it all!

As always, I am in your corner…


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{Originally posted February 22, 2012}

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