Don’t Worry. Be Happy. Here’s How.


Any woman who has been divorced or gone through a bad breakup knows how delightful it is to meet a new man… a new man she likes, that is.

A month ago, this happened to me.

He hasn’t become my “boyfriend,” and he may never reach that status, but the process of meeting someone that makes my stomach flutter and my heart race is freakin’ fabulous.

I’ve learned to take things slowly, but oh how I want to rush it!

What is it about letting life unfold that can sometimes seem impossible to me?!

I know, like I know my name, that this easy does it practice is at the root of my happiness and faith, yet, it is perhaps the single most unnatural state for me. Wait and see? Are you kidding...? I’m more of a let’s make it happen gal! Or… how can we fix this?

As a woman, being assertive, focused and driven can have its place. But I honestly don’t know that in-and-of-itself it brings me happiness. In truth, this approach raises my stress level.

So, what this hunk of a man has done, has give me — one more time – the opportunity to let things unfold.

I sometimes have to trick myself into objectivity by treating it like a science experiment (not to be confused with placing someone under a microscope — don’t do that!). I ask myself… I wonder what would happen if I don’t do anything? What if I wait- and-see and don’t manage, control, manipulate, over discuss or worry?

In my experience that’s when the magic happens. When you step aside from your fear-based compulsions you get to see whom people really are and in turn are given the gift of being even more grounded and confident in whom you are.

Is there an area of your life; perhaps in romance or finance that gets you to worrying? Or is there a particular person or situation that might need the “science experiment” objectivity?

Let me know what’s going on in your world and in what areas taking a step back may spring you forward into a fresh new way of being and loving.

Have a beautiful day and remember, I am most definitely in your corner…


photo credit: Thompson Rivers via photopin cc

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