Do You See Yourself As You Really Are?


It’s kinda hard to imagine, but until a couple of weeks ago I didn’t own a full-length mirror! If I wanted to check out my look for the day I’d step up on the curb of my shower and open the medicine cabinet, so I could get a somewhat complete – albeit angled ‑view of what I was taking out into the world.

Flash forward. I now have a trusty floor to ceiling mirror hanging from the back of my closet door…so, I walk by it every time I walk into the bedroom…which is A LOT. Yikes! When did my a** get that round? And my tummy SO soft?! It’s not a big deal to me, I’m grateful to have a great body image, so I don’t obsess about every detail. But, I did notice a bit of a change, and it made me think about how we see ourselves. And, not just how we see ourselves, but how we can avoid seeing ourselves.

As with choosing to use a medicine cabinet mirror, which only provides a partial view; at times in my life, I have chosen friends, work and circumstance that didn’t give an accurate reflection of who I was and how I was living.

For example, I used to drink excessively…and when not drinking, I was usually thinking about when I could indulge again. At the time, I worked in an industry where alcohol abuse was just another day in the trenches and I had friends whose consumption dwarfed mine. And, if I really wanted to disappear into an extreme lifestyle – and go my life solo for a time — I would avoid both. I’d then go about collecting companions along the way that had no real interest in or worry about my excesses, because they were living the same way...

Those times were like checking out a full-length gown in a compact makeup mirror. Occasionally, I would get a glimpse…but, generally saw my difficulties as problems those around me had.

Experience tells me that everyone wants to be accepted for who they are…and, don’t much like being around those who regularly try to change them. Ask my soon to be ex-husband!

However, I have also observed…and experienced…that those who are the truly great human beings in my life – gratefully there are many — are surrounded by a tribe of support and accountability. They enlist the insight and guidance of those who are farther along a flourishing life path, and pass on what they are given to at least as many.

I’ve found that to live this way doesn’t require extra time or money…it’s simply a matter of willingness.  A willingness to see the truths about ourselves and a commitment to grow and improve and fall flat on our face, and get up and progress forward anyway…and through it all be kind to ourselves and others while keeping a sense of humor!

The rewards that come from being willing to see and tell the truth about myself have become the center of my life and the focus of The Joy Blog. You are my tribe, my mirrors and without you I would surely be much less than I am. So, thank you for being part of my world, and giving me the opportunity day after day and week after week to see myself as I really am. I am incredibly grateful!

Are you looking at your life, or certain areas of your life in a tiny compact mirror? Who or what cheats you of reality?...and in turn the opportunity to become all that you are intended? What do you want to change in yourself, your attitude, in the people and environment you surround yourself with? Is it time for a full-length view? Take a look and let me know what you find.

And as always, I’m in your corner…


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