Do You Know Where Your Happiness Starts?

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Does this sweet girl make you happy?

For some reason I’ve been wearing my Holy Cow tee A LOT lately.

There’s something about slipping on this specific t‑shirt that seems to expand all the goodness I’ve been feeling lately!

It got me thinking about early 2011 when I was developing my brand concept.

Among other things, I wanted to create a t‑shirt that made you HAPPY when you put it on… and this sweet (Holy Cow) girl was just the beginning…

Sometimes, I feel like a sweet and mushy Love Bug and sometimes I’m empowered by celebrating being a Night Owl. I believe it’s because I’m embracing truths about myself.

There was a time in my life that how I felt and what I loved depended disproportionately on how YOU felt, or what YOU enjoyed.

Have you ever lived for or through someone else? Or took on hobbies a spouse or friend had even if there was something else you’d enjoy more? 

Or, possibly you have a hard time enjoying things unless it is endorsed by another?

Indeed, it is wonderful to share interests with our loved ones. However, when it is to the exclusion of yourself, you run the risk of staying small and eventually growing to resent the other person for what YOU have freely given up.

There are many paths to discovering the key to your happiness.

Whether it’s the company you keep, the work you do, your home environment or something as simple as a fun shirt that puts a smile on your face.

Consider that every choice you make either takes you towards happiness or away from it. Even the attitudes you have.

I encourage you to be deliberate with what you invite into your life and even protective of the people, places, things and practices that build your spirit.

What are the ways you walk towards happiness? I look forward to hearing about your favorite spirit builders.

In the meantime, have a beautiful day and remember that I am definitely in your corner…


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