Do You Get Frustrated TRYING To Be Patient? Here’s Another Approach...

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Even though I live a five-minute drive from the nearest park… today it took me FORTY-FIVE minutes to get there!

My very spirited and sweet pooch has become rather stubborn with a few bad habits and I finally became willing to take action.

The trainer suggested that as soon as he starts acting up in the car (non-stop pacing, nervous yipping and barking). Pull over, park the car and ignore him, looking emotionless out the front window until he sits and calms.

No yelling, no grabbing, and no “sit” or “quiet” commands. Keep my energy calm, neutral and simply wait until he settles.

The moment I turned out of my driveway, he stood up and started raising a ruckus. I promptly put my flashers on and pulled into the center lane. Fortunately, I live on a relatively quiet road that leads straight to the park…

It took him a few minutes to get the idea. But he finally did and begrudgingly took a seat. I praised him and started driving, and he popped right back up. I again pulled over, and after several minutes, he again sat. This continued — as I said — for a whopping 45 minutes!

However, by the time we arrived he was excited, BUT, politely sitting. Progress!

I guarantee, tomorrow will likely have much the same challenges. And the day after that, as well… but there is magic that started to happen once I made the DECISION to help him with his manners.

The magic is that I had patience without even trying. I felt like my pup and I were a team and I became keenly aware that he needed my help to contain himself.

We’ve all heard the expression “once the student is ready the teacher appears.” Similarly, when you “make a decision a solution appears.” Not just an action to take, but the tools and perspective to follow through.

So, if you are already feeling frustrated with resolutions you’ve made, or impatient with the dissatisfactions around you, consider making a (capital D) Decision.

Have you gone round and round the mountain getting nowhere. Are you “Done?” If so… that may be the difference between a (little d) decision and a life changing Decision.

It may take some time, but what you’ll find is; rather than be obsessed with getting to your goal or destination you’ll be focused on — and probably even enjoy — the process!

What’s it going to be for you? What do you most need divine help with? I’m here to support you in the Decision you make and can’t wait to hear about the miracles that unfold.

Please comment below and let me know…

I am most definitely in your corner…

With love,

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