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Many of you may not know, but originally Lucky Duck Living™ t‑shirts were going to launch Summer 2011. Flash forward 16 months, November 2012 they were FINALLY released.

Quality can take time. But, when time passes with hurdle after hurdle rising up to daunt your progress, it’s tempting to say “good enough.”

But, the question is, how do you know when to press on, push forward, and insist on more. And when is it time to say enough is enough?

My brand is rooted in kindness, generosity, humor and discovering and having joy in your life. So I knew the #1 priority was that my tees then HAD to make you happy when you wore them.

This broke down into a few factors:

• Best women’s fit ever
• Super fun and sassy designs that make you smile
• Made in America
• Organic Cotton
• Portion of profits contributed to non-profits
• Free shipping

I could have gotten away with committing to half of this list, and would still have had a very salable shirt. But I knew in my gut, I’d be short changing you. In fact when I found out the heat transfer labels I ordered from an American based company were actually made in Asia, I cancelled the order and scrambled last minute to source a US company.  For me, the right thing was to press for the results that were in line with my ideals.

As a result, I have never had as much joy and gratitude surrounding my work as I do today. My choices have allowed me to maintain a constant vision of a bigger idea than larger profits. Plus I have REALLY happy customers! Talk about a Win-Win;)

Admittedly, my costs are high and my margins are not good enough that I can sell wholesale at this time. But, today I can live with that and still feel good. I could not feel good with taking production outside of the USA. Nor, with slapping my design on a ready made blank shirt that simply didn’t fit us gals properly.

It’s not about right and wrong, and I’m definitely not saying that my choices need to be your choices.

But, when you make life choices; whether launching a business, marriage, divorce, moving, finances, shopping, kids, etc… it’s important to know that the choices you make are YOURS.

I’m a fan of wise people. Mentors, advisers, counselors, priests or rabbis are vital to your process. But when it comes decision time, I believe the person who lives with the consequences is the only person meant to make the decision.

Sometimes, your choices may be scary with unknown outcomes. But then, most of life is meant to be unknown. That’s part of the magic of it all...and, what builds faith.

To set aside the good opinion of others, and truly act from within yourself can indeed be terrifying. But, consider the alternative of living a life of other people’s choices.

It’s never too late to claim your decisions. In fact it may just be your key to happiness, joy and the life you’ve always hoped for.

• What decisions have you avoided so that someone else would make them?
• Have you given the responsibility to another and then resented them for it, or the outcome?
• What would you like to have done instead?
• Is there a similar current situation or dynamic where you can take hold of what is yours, and leave what’s not to another?

Giving permission to yourself — and in turn others — to take the time needed to process and decide, is not only respectful…it’s freeing.

I look forward to reading your comments and hearing more about your challenges and victories.

And remember, I am most definitely in your corner…


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photo credit: One Way Stock via photopin cc

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