Centipedes, Critters and Fear


The other day I was giving my plants a good soaking and out crawled a spectacular centipede.

It startled me at first, but I was able to quickly appreciate this magnificent creature and pause in awe at the dexterity of it’s many, many, MANY legs as it zoomed up the door frame away from the drenching.

I would have liked to pick it up, but I was stopped short by the fact that I didn’t know if it would bite me, or if centipedes are poisonous. And with the speed it traveled no doubt it would end up nested in my hair… and that was NOT a prospect I wanted to entertain.

Instead I silently observed until it scurried away.

While I liked that this 40-legged arthropod caused me to lean in curiously, I also noticed that fear stopped me short.

It wasn’t the fear that he WOULD bite me, or that he WAS poisonous. It was that I didn’t know.

I’ve spent the last several years practicing the fine art of letting things unfold… yet there it was. Fear based on not knowing.

This time, however, I recognize it as a healthy instinct. Taking pause can certainly be a wise choice.

But how do you know the difference? How can you protect yourself in life and relationships, yet not deny yourself the experience of adventure and growth?

Let the centipede be your guide...

Consider leaning in with curiosity. No need to run off. No need to exterminate. Just let it pass through.

And, enjoy feeling alive in that moment. It’s where your joy takes root.

I look forward to hearing about the critters, four (or forty)-legged friends and joy all around you…

In the meantime, I am most definitely in your corner.

With love,

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