BlahBlah to VahVah-Vhoom: Part Three of Your Super-Simple Summer Makeover

Two t‑shirts with very different results!


The last two weeks I‘ve shared Part One and Part Two of Your Super-Simple Summer Makeover: “Frumpy to Fabulous” and “Slouchy to Svelte.

Both are sure to give you a lift and together they’ll pave the path to your fresh new outlook.

This week I’m wrapping up your makeover series with a fantastic style tip that can make the most of your curves in a snap!

Many of us can pinch more than an inch around our waist. And, while loving my bod is something I’m committed to, advertising my shortcomings is not.

A natural instinct for many is to wear baggy clothes over our perceived flaws. As you can see above on the left, more fabric is often less flattering and subtly sends the message that you want to hide.

Not only does this downgrade our appearance, it does nothing to build our spirit, nor does it allow us to see ourselves as we really are.

And, my lovelies, you will find no greater freedom than truly seeing and learning to love your reality!

A great start is wearing clothes that fit! Obvious, right?

Honestly, it’s easier said than done. But here are a few everyday tips:

  1. Bigger in the booty? Try boot-cut jeans that give a balance to your shape.
  2. Fuller in the waist! Accentuate with a fitted shirt or belt, and stay away from boxy tops or princess cut dresses.
  3. Thicker thighs? A pretty skirt in a loose flowing material that brushes your kneecaps is a soft and sexy basic.
  4. Well endowed? Avoid both plunging and high neck-lines, A medium scoop neck, like ours, will give you lovely feminine coverage.
  5. Upper arms have a life of their own? Trade in your capped sleeves (or baggy men’s sleeves) for a proper short-sleeved tee that gently hugs your upper arm, like our Lucky Duck Living t‑shirts do;)
  6. Wear forgiving fabrics. For example a smooth baby rib cotton, like we use, will often offer a better fit and more stretch than cotton jersey...and, so much more comfortable!

Along these lines, and on a personal note; t‑shirts are definitely one of my wardrobe basics. Yet, I found myself regularly sacrificing fit for comfort, and style for cost. Even tees that advertised their brand as “fitted,” simply didn’t fit me right.

You can see in the photo above, the jersey shirt on the right (advertised as a women’s fitted tee) is sagging in the waist, too tight in and presses down my chest, and oh, so uncomfortable under the arms. The photo doesn’t show, but it’s also way too short.

The good news is that it inspired me to create the t‑shirt on the left. We’re still finalizing the pattern, but you’re getting a sneak peek of the amazing fit my ultimate Lucky Duck Living tee is committed to.

Not only is it made of super soft premium organic baby rib, but, as you can see, I’ve designed an amazingly flattering fit cut especially for your lady curves. PLUS, they are all made in America…and, wait, there’s MORE…$3 from every tee will benefit some wonderful domestic non-profits.

Our debut collection has nine super fun design illustrations. They are under wraps for the time being, but I guarantee they will make you happy! I can hardly wait to show you!!!

In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from you and hope you’ll share your comments on what style tips works best for you.

Have a beautiful day, and remember…I’m in your corner!


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