Are You Willing To Admit You Have Limitations?

Last week I re-posted one of my favorite archival blogs ”From Despair To Joy.”

The basis is my commitment to the transformation of my life’s difficulties into encouragement for others.

Well do I have some lemons for you…

1. My divorce is likely finalizing within the month…and I haven’t been able to see my stepson in over six weeks.

2. I spent the day yesterday moving all my remaining belongings out of our first home which the bank is auctioning off in a couple of weeks.

3. The supply line at a rental I have burst. When I stopped by to water the plants, I noticed water seeping under the front door.

4. The tenant that just vacated another rental I have left irreparable grooves in the hardwood floor, and owes me rent.

5. My launch funding was postponed…

Good grief! Lemonade anyone?

Telling the truth about where I’m at is fundamental to the joy in my life, and makes me deeply grateful for you and all of my faithful supporters.

You are my tribe. You are who, by giving me purpose, bouy me through the tricky times.

And, while I may not call directly on you for help; I realized as I dialed a big SOS to the plumber for the supply line flood, how grateful I am to have amazing men and women in my life that make it possible for me to better “trust the process.”

For many years in my life I felt like I had to do it all, be it all and know it all. With that kind of perspective, you either end up a victim, a martyr or a saint.

I was no saint.

Even so...

One day I was loaded down with art and accessories walking into the home of a design client. As I approached the closed door I asked the contractor if he would please open it for me.

He happily did, and as I thanked him, it tumbled out of me…”I guess that’s why God only gave us two arms…so that we have to ask for help.”

That phrase had never occurred to me before. But, it’s principle raises an interesting question.

What if your limitations are God given?

We are often conditioned that “limitation” is somehow synonymous with weak, or dumb, or lazy.

My experience has been that surrendering to my need, opens the door to an appreciation for life and a profound gratitude for those who walk the path with me.

Reflect on your own past challenges. Did your need open doors that otherwise may have remained closed?

Are there difficulties in your life right now that you are trying to bear yourself?

Are you able to let another be there for you?

Consider. Perhaps this is an opportunity to make your life bigger, fuller and richer?

I look forward to hearing from you my lovely. Please comment below and if you liked this article be sure to share!

As always, I am in your corner…


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Are You Willing To Admit You Have Limitations? — 2 Comments

  1. Hee hee, I am totally no saint!:) And your quote really hit home for me...I only have two hands and that’s okay. I’m meant to have help. I tend to just do things myself; a control thing, perfectionist, “I just wish I can clone myself” thinking and that keeps me stuck. Slowly but surely, I’ve ask for help with business and with the family life. I’m about to go crazy if I continue to do things alone. Plus its so much more fun with others. Super post! AND thanks for sharing about what’s been going on with you. xoxo

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