Are You Making Life A Hardship With Your “No Pain No Gain” Mentality?

In last week’s blog I promised that I would make a list of all of my pesky “to-do” demons, give them a time and a date to get done, and report back.

I came up with SIXTEEN irritating little to big things that have been draining my energy and zapping my focus. I did indeed schedule a time for completion of each one, and even got a few of them done already. Rather than allocate an entire day, I plugged them into my calendar here and there…and, so far so good! So, if you haven’t done it yet…don’t delay my lovelies!

The thing that has gotten my attention the most is how GREAT I feel when I get them done! I instantly have a little more spring in my step and spark in my spirit. Who’d a thunk that scheduling a dentist appointment and doing the dishes could make me feel so much lighter?!

Feeling lighter, got me thinking about all of the years that I wore life like a heavy coat. I was particularly struck by this idea when, yesterday, a man I know mentioned that he’d worked in the rock-roll business…and, with all that chaos, he surely could get through the turmoil he now faces.

I thought…do we really need to continue to “do difficult,” just because we know how? Many people, including myself, have survived a lot. But, is this the mentality that I want to carry into my present day and future life?

Is it really healthy to continually relate to the world as something that needs to be overcome? I think not. Do I possibly make things harder than they have to be because I somewhere hold the belief that life finds its value in difficulty? I’m sure I’ve done that. When things are effortless, do I feel the need to justify or downplay it’s ease? Goodness…I have!

It could be my underdog complex rearing up, it could be my ego..or, it could be that it’s just a bad habit! Whatever the case; awareness can only be a good thing in being able to let it go....and, I hope you’ll join me...

Are you perhaps subconsciously nurturing a need for things to be difficult? Do you find it hard to value that which comes easily to you? Do you perhaps feel lazy when things are easy? If you’ve noticed this before, how have you been able to turn things around?

I am so darn curious to hear where you all are at with this…let me know!

And, as always, I’m in your corner…


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Are You Making Life A Hardship With Your “No Pain No Gain” Mentality? — 2 Comments

  1. Excellent post, Thais! I can definitely relate to that with my former obsession to hit the gym 5x a week. The reality is, it’s so much easier when I don’t obsess over it. It’s a much more fun thing to do when I stop making it difficult for myself.

    • Hi Xin! I truly appreciate your input, and am so pleased to hear your experience. It sounds like you’ve had TWO victories...not only are you free of the workout obsession, but it doesn’t sound like it (the obsessing) has migrated elsewhere...which is a wonderful place to be! Enjoy your day and the weekend coming...and thanks again for chiming in! :)t

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