Are You A Control Freak?

controlfreak.FBAdmittedly. I’m not a “gym” person.

Other than occasionally running on a treadmill, there are, any number of activities I would prefer for getting my cardiovascular exercise. My favorite method is inline skating. Or for those, like myself, around in the 90s, Rollerblading.

Recently I ordered a new pair of wrist guards, and on the package I noticed the warning, “always be sure to stay in control and skate within your capabilities.”

Clearly verbiage intended to mitigate liability, but it would seem, also sage advice.

Personally, I cannot see the word “control” without thinking of a long ago lesson...

Anytime I try to control something I become obsessed, and anytime I become obsessed, I lose your freedom.

By obsession, I mean that your intended goal becomes all (or mostly) what you think about. This can take on many forms; how you’re going to get promoted at work, what your child needs to do to get into a good college, getting your spouse to quit smoking, losing those last 10–20 pounds.

None of these in and of themselves are negative aspirations, yet ALL of them can cause you to ultimately live in a place bound by doubt and tortured by fears.

The good news is there’s a simple solution. And, it is life changing.

Rather than trying to stop controlling — which incidentally, is simply trying to control being controlling. There’s a basic phrase you can introduce into your thoughts...

Please remove my NEED to control.”

For example. Please remove my need to control how, when or if I get promoted at work. Or… Please remove my need to control my spouse’s health and when or if they quit smoking.

What I love about this (genius) phrase is that it makes room for things to unfold naturally. It frees up your mind and spirit to be even more available, industrious and supportive, without, the added pressure of your agenda.

Having desires is natural. Wanting good things for ourselves and loved ones is healthy. However, trying to control exactly what and how this will happen can drain every ounce of joy from life.

So, whether you call it a wish, an affirmation or a prayer, the important thing is that you do it.

Start asking for your NEED to control a situation be removed, and a new freedom will enter your relationships and the way you approach your everyday life.

I don’t know exactly how it works. But, I promise you that it does.

I look forward to hearing about your amazing discoveries…

In the meantime, I am most definitely in your corner.

With love,

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