A Gift Worth Giving


As I launch my new pet product brand I am naturally drawn to the topic of financing.

The natural ebb and flow of launching a business circles through the thought “is there going to be enough money?” I’ve learned not to fear these sorts of roadblocks, yet remain practical in implementing my vision.

Part of my process is bringing to mind the inspiration of others’ journeys.

One that stands out; is a superstar singer who is constantly touring and releasing new music was asked, “how good does it feel to get paid to do what you love?” She replied, “I get paid to travel. My voice is my gift and I sing for free.”

Wow! What a fantastic perspective on honoring talent and receiving all your worth. PLUS, a great way to keep the fun in what might otherwise feel arduous or mundane.

What is your gift? What are you paid for? Could a shift in perspective allow you to honor yourself , give to the world, have fun AND pay the bills?

Something to ponder and pass on.

Please let me know what YOUR gift is. I can’t wait to hear!

I am forever in your corner…

With love,

photo credit: AlicePopkorn via photopin cc

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    • Hello sweet Danielle! I’m happy to hear you were inspired and MUCH appreciate your kind words of support... I’m excited at the potential for good:) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, D! xoxo

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