Why Living In Fantasy Keeps You From Being Truly Happy

Lucky Duck Living | Lasting Happiness is found by telling the truth

What’s Your Truth?

I’ve been staring at the blank page for a while, completely stumped about what to write.

I long ago abandoned my editorial calendar. Generally, I am so inspired by all the goodness I want to share with you, it pours out of me!

Let me say how much I enjoyed writing the past two weeks on finding your style with Composition and Color.

If you haven’t read them already, you can check them out by clicking here… “How To Create A Look That Works For You” and here… “Three DON’Ts When Wearing Color.”

I love that my commitment to helping you discover joy through your everyday life is so vast in content.

Sometimes that looks like styling tips and guidance on wearing t‑shirts that fit right…

Sometimes it’s a bit of fluff… “Why Do Smart Girls Watch Stupid TV?”

And on occasion it’s been about admitting limitations and telling the truth about heartbreak.

Ranging from retail to spiritual... they are varied, but 100% real in content and they ALL contribute to the joy factor!

Why? Because, telling the truth is at the root of lasting happiness. There’s nothing that robs your joy more than putting energy into a façade of how you think you need to be, or how others need you to be, or how you think you should think or feel.

Being right where you are at, and being honest about that (not to be confused with wallowing) is the toll on the highway of lasting happiness.

Although not always the easiest path, there’s no greater gift you will receive, nor greater tool for discovering joy, then telling the truth about yourself.

Listen up: If heartfelt lasting change is needed and joy is desired, admitting reality is the starting line.

The dictionary’s definition of REALITY is ”The world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.”

…things as they actually exist! That’s an eye opener.

What is it for you that you sense you may be side-stepping?

Relational issues? Business? Health? Fitness? Finances? Spiritual?

If you’re not as happy as you could be, or think you should be, chances are you may have your head stuck in the sand…

No shame in that, my lovely. But if you are ready to pop it out, chances are that this time next year, or maybe even next month you’ll be happier, because you were willing to be brave.

What is it for you that’s holding you back? What is it in yourself that you don’t want to look at?

I challenge you to name it!

Please comment here so that all can benefit. Or, click reply and let me know…

There is a strength in standing together.

And, I am most definitely in your corner!


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