Whom would you be with $10 million in the bank?

Do You Need To Win The Lottery To Be The Person You Want To Be?


So who hasn’t thought about it? “What would I do if I won the lottery?”

Now, consider. “Who would I be if I won?”

The other day a business man I know made an interesting illustration. He decided that he would address any concerns that his customers had as if he had $10 million in the bank.  If someone was unhappy with their purchase in anyway, he committed to refunding their money. No questions asked. Almost immediately he was called to put his money where his mouth was, and returned over $50,000 in one month. However, shortly afterwards, he found that his gross revenues more than doubled the following few months.

While there are perhaps many factors that could contribute to this windfall, there is certainly no doubt that holding the idea that he had plenty of money gave him the freedom to simply do the right thing. In turn, more people were interested in doing business with him, and he reported that his fear of losing money, or of not having enough, dissipated…and ultimately evaporated. Doing right by his clients became the obvious way of doing business. Not just the ideal, but the real action he now stands by.

This got me thinking about the work of Greg Baer and his Real Love series. Dr. Baer asks the question, if I had twenty million dollars in my (emotional bank), would I worry about the two dollars I perceived someone had stolen from me? i.e.; perhaps they are regularly late, are often distracted, or not helpful when you need them most. How much would these little things annoy, or continue to bother me?  If I carried with me $20 million dollars worth of love, security and appreciation, independent of what “they” say or don’t say, do or don’t do, would my experience walking through life be different?

Having practiced this simple principle, I can tell you first hand, it almost immediately transformed my perspective of the world. What a gift to truly discover all the love already around me…and, finally be relieved of the anxiety and unhappiness I had carried a lifetime.  At first, it was a bit of work to simply remember... But, as happens with universal truths, it opened the door to once-and-for-all surrendering my old self, and in turn becoming the woman I’d always wanted to be. Free.

No doubt this will be an ongoing journey, and, I hope you’ll join me. Ask yourself…who would I be if I had millions in the bank…emotional, or otherwise…?

I can’t wait to hear from you…


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Whom would you be with $10 million in the bank? — 4 Comments

  1. I already know how I would be if I had millions for ever since I can remember, as an adult, if I ever have extra money and someone voiced a need I would help them out to a fault and then I would find myself struggling later but I never regretted having helped another. However I love the concept of your article believing in my mind that I have mega investments within me to where I would be comfortably living in peace and love and after truly showing the love to self and getting full THEN I would be totally free to give more generously to others without depleting my own spiritual, loving, and empathetic banks remembering to always refill me each day! Oh what a world we would be living in if all people thought this way! Thanks This for what you are doing and for being a great role model!
    Karen : )

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Karen. Love it!...knowing that we have “mega investments within,” IS a super way to put it! And REMEMBERING is not something I can do alone. So glad we’re walking this path together:)

  2. Hi Thais,
    It’s an interesting question — it is really easy to live with a scarcity mindset, always worrying that there’s not enough to go around or enough to make a living. What I’ve seen, though, is that when I’m generous, I actually get unexpected benefit — a referral or recommendation, trust, support, etc. For me, if I had that much money in the bank, I’d probably not be so scattered. When I feel like I need to scramble, I end up taking on too much, rather than focusing on the one or two things I really enjoy doing.

    • Stormy, So good to hear from you! Awareness, Acceptance, Action, seems to be a useful tool. I know for me, having an awareness of where I can fall short, or where my fear can control me seems to be a first step towards freedom....we’re both well on our way!!! Have a lovely weekend! t

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