What the beginning of a semester taught me about living a balanced life...


As I write I am distracted by a dozen items, yet to do, on my calendar.

I spent many years overbooked, burdened and stressed. As a result, I daresay my schedule has become a work of balanced art. I no longer book myself back-to-back, rush or make plans that aren’t vital.

However, once in a while, my system for getting things done gets shaken up.

I recently started dating someone new, and well… many personal phone calls and texts are not replied to, work emails unsent, research not done… not to mention I am badly in need of a mani/pedi!

What a blast from my unmanageable past!

It reminds me how overwhelmed I always felt the first two to three weeks of school. I would try to absorb everything at once, expecting myself to adjust overnight. Inevitably I had many moments where I felt completely under water.

Can you relate?

I finally learned to allow myself some settling in time at the beginning of every semester. Perhaps practicing simply giving yourself permission to feel overwhelmed would be a great stress reliever…

Adding new relationships or activities to your life is often an exercise in stretching and perhaps, shifting your capacity – even — readjusting priorities.

It can also highlights your need to better communicate your availability and maybe even take a bit MORE time for yourself not less.

Where in your life would a step back to evaluate and patiently recalibrate be useful to you and your well being?

Consider letting that be your solution today.

For myself... instead of writing two articles today, I will write this one from the heart. I will return outstanding calls and emails and call it a night earlier rather than later.

I anticipate that letting myself off the hook for not being able to adjust to more commitments overnight will leave me far happier and rested than if I pulled an all-nighter getting everything “done.”

What is your experience with life and schedule changes. Are you patient with yourself, your process, your evolution of time?

I’d love to hear your challenges and victories.

In the meantime, I am most definitely in your corner!

With love,

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