What Gives Your Spirit The Greatest Lift?

Italy? France? Spain? Nope. These beauties are made right here in the USA!


In developing the mission for Lucky Duck Living, there were several tenets that I’ve followed in developing the brand:

  1. Premium Fit and Feel
  2. Made in America
  3. 100% Organic Cotton
  4. A portion to benefit domestic non-profit organizations
  5. Complete customer satisfaction
  6. Clever illustrations that make you feel happy when you wear a Lucky Duck Living tee.

Naturally, I am attracted to other entrepreneurs, designers and businesses that have a similar philosophy…

However, last month, when I wrote about buying American, I raided my closet and was SHOCKED to find that I did not have one pair of shoes made in the United States.

On the spot I googled and discovered Okabashi, which makes fun flip flops and sandals. Most, if not all, of their footwear is eco-friendly, lightweight, anti-microbial cast rubber. They come in loads of styles and colors…AND…their price point is very reasonable.

Okay, so that’s a great tip for casual wear, but what about leather goods?…dressy sandals?...shoes and boots? Classic, last a lifetime pieces?

Enter, Cydwoq (side+walk)

Their amazing shoes are literally engineered like a car’s ergonomics and a home’s architecture.  In fact the founder, Rafi Baluzian, obtained his degree in architecture; with both he and his son Ari consistently designing outstanding shoe styles.

All handcrafted in Burbank, California, Cydwoq produces exquisite shoes, boots and sandals for men and women. I understand they have also recently added belts and handbags to their brand.

I have never met, nor even spoken with Cydwoq’s founder and designers. However, as I ready to launch my first Lucky Duck Living collection, I feel privileged to be inspired and encouraged by the good work they do.

And, while the tenets I set were independent of knowing these forerunners. It is in a sense a relief to know that I am not original in my aspirations.

American made quality comfy apparel with an excellent fit, eco-friendly processes and materials and supporting non-profits along the way are fast becoming the norm.

I am so very pleased that these ideas are more and more the basic platform, as opposed to the premium standard.  If ever there was ever a trend worth following this would be it!

Might these thoughts affect the way you Shop? Work? Design? Sell? Contribute?

Have you started making adjustments in your lifestyle or business in support of your community, a better lifestyle or any particular devotion?

What works for you? What gives your spirit the greatest lift?

I look forward to hearing from and supporting you.

And, as always, I’m in your corner…




What Gives Your Spirit The Greatest Lift? — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing your mission, message and more great USA companies. I will definitely check them out today!!

    • You are SO welcome Darla! It feels wonderful to be appreciated:) I will definitely keep the USA companies coming, as I discover them!
      And, by the way, I’m making great progress with our t‑shirt manufacturing, and will let you know when the tees are ready...
      Thanks again and bye for now, Thais

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