To Be Or Not To Be?

Not Every Color Will Be Your Color...

Not Every Color Will Be Your Color...

Sometimes a bad choice is better than no choice at all...

That said, last week I splurged on a bevy of new nail polish. Ha!

A gorgeous eggplant color, a metallic celadon, a deep plum, and a deeper plum with a gold shimmer, a dark magenta, even a metallic gold and silver to top it all off.

By that evening I knew things had gone terribly wrong. The eggplant was more of a dead black color, celadon looked great in the bottle, but was a bit “witchy” for me, deep plum is actually purple, which is frankly a color I don’t much like, no matter what you call it…the one with the gold shimmer was almost ok, but in the end…also purple. Magenta, gold and silver made the cut, although I did exchange the gold for a pearl instead of a frost. And it’ll only work on my toes…but only until the weather turns cold.

After all was said and done, I painted a pale sheer pink I already had onto my fingers and the deep magenta on my for me!

Moral of the story…I’m not 20 anymore! Truth be told, I would never want to re-live my 20s, except for the dubious pleasure of getting to make bad choices and blaming it on not knowing better…which in turn made me VERY adventurous! The fringed boots, the boxy houndstooth jacket, the Redissimo hair, the safety pin through my ear (that was actually my late teens), and a lot of red lipstick! Woo-hoo! That girl knew how to par-TAY!

However, that little girl started to grow up and heard phrases like “age-appropriate.” Good grief! No more juniors department? What will I do…what WILL I do?! I had visions of being condemned to nothing but LL Bean, Ann Taylor (which is fabulous, don’t get me wrong) and some sort of cruise wear line apparel for life…

Slowly, I have found my way back to a style that’s all mine.  It’s been kinda like putting together a really fantastic interior; my policy is to always leave a wall empty until the perfect piece comes along. There’s no use in hanging something you don’t love, just to fill a space. Or, if you want to stretch a bit but, you’re just not sure, try something on approval. If it doesn’t work, send it back.

Designing our personal style is like that, too.

Part of that process for me is definitely being willing to risk a little….embracing my 20 year old from time-to-time. And, if it doesn’t work out… “Oh, well!” I say. Move on to the next. But, we mustn’t stop trying things for fear of looking silly…that’s part of the discovery and humanness in life, now isn’t it?

So, when uncertainty calls...give it a go, and let me know what you discover…sometimes disasters are the MOST fun of all!

I’m in your corner…


photo credit: kittynailpolish via photopin cc

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