Three Powerful Reasons To Zip Your Lip!



A phrase that has helped me over the years when tempted to react to a difficult experience is “pause when agitated”…and a similar principle; “restraint of pen and tongue,” has also saved me from making bad situations worse.  Over time they have become less a part of my thought process, and more a part of my natural state.  So, while I don’t think about these ideas regularly, they are wisdoms that have improved my life and relationships considerably.

The other day, I must have needed reinforcement….the lovely Erika Lyremark posted “Stop Talking. Your Lipstick Lasts Longer”, posing a list of questions to ask ourselves when deciding whether to chime in, pipe up…or possibly explode. She goes on that if we still feel driven to share, try writing it down and putting it in a Sacred Save My Lipstick Box for 24 hours!

Now, I’m no stranger to a “God Box”…but,  I missed the boat on the SSMLB. Nonetheless, it made me smile. And when I let her know about my ritual I received a laugh out loud moment when her team replied back; “You can use the same box. God likes it when you save lipstick!”  Ha!

Whatever works is my motto. Having lived much of my life as a big-mouth; I have learned...less said, sooner mended. However, there are some powerfully practical aspects of zipping the lip, too:

1. Motivation

2. Inspiration and...

3. Simply Gettin’ It Done!

Long ago in my writing career I was given a precious gift. The phrase; “Writer’s Write!”  We don’t talk about it…we write!  For me, this has proven to be vital fuel of all of my creativity. Whether, writing, photography or design…talking about it diffuses the need to do it.  I have noticed that this sort of mental-masturbation, can derail life itself, not just creativity. Incessantly talking about things gives us a certain amount of pleasure, hope and satisfaction. But, ultimately, until we engage with our dreams, they are nothing more than fantasy.

So, what have you been talking about for-evah?  Is there a change you want to make? Or something you want to create, be or do? Try not talking it away. Either the desire to act will grow so MASSIVE that you won’t be able NOT to take action it. Or…it will fade away and make room for what your true dreams are.

We win either way! Give it a go, and let me know what you discover.

And, as always, I’m in your corner….


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Three Powerful Reasons To Zip Your Lip! — 2 Comments

  1. Thais, this is good! And I’m so happy I’m helping you save your lipstick. And I want to know what have been talking about for-evah? For me it’s giving up coffee and switching to tea for a month. And this month I will! :: Erika

    • Hi Erika, Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I hope everyone checks out your Daily Whip! Ah,! I gave it up a while back...but, I probably do as much harm to my metabolism with sugar...maybe that’s something I should take a look at! 🙂 Hmmm... What have I been talking about for-evah? A silly thing...I have long, thick gorgeous hair (when I style it)...and I’m always talking about how fabulous I feel when my hair is dialed in...but I end up tossing it up in a pony tail, or throwing on a cap most days. I’ve been aware of this for a long time, sooo time to stop talking and wait for the need to build...cause it’s bugging me! 

      On a not so silly husband and I have been separated for quite a while, yet have not divorced, nor reconciled. I rarely talk about it anymore, and in fact have found great reward in doing nothing and letting things unfold...month after month. And, I must say, it has indeed gotten to the point where something’s gonna give! It is a painful experience that has seeded more joy than any other singular life situation I’ve walked through...great material for future blogs, no doubt! So...y’all stay tuned! I’m delighted we’re connected, Erika..have a beautiful evening and a lovely weekend! xo

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