The Top 5 Delicious Food Ideas That Can Help You Sharpen Your Mental Edge

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Whether it’s an extreme work schedule, family responsibilities or “senioritis;” being absentminded can add to stress, decrease productivity and steal away your well being.

How many times have you walked out the door, only to realize you’ve forgotten something inside, go back in for it…and even forget it AGAIN!

Once in a while is normal, but are you a chronic forgetter? Has it stopped being cute?

Recently, my mom reported that she saw a Dr. Oz show on how to help with memory loss. God bless mothers!...and Dr. Oz.

She rattled off five foods that the doc said — when at least one of them is eaten once per day — help improve memory. The problem of course, was that after she told me, I couldn’t remember what they were!

I did my research, and this is what I found:

• Elderberries
• Pecans
• Chicken Giblets or Clams
• Vegetable Juice
• Beets

While, I’ve not yet experimented with the berries here are my four delicious successes:

Clams: If you have a Trader Joe’s Market near you, check out their frozen food section. They have ready-made steamed clams in butter and garlic. There are three servings per container and only 70 calories a serving. They are super easy to prepare as an appetizer, a big bowl entrée, or over pasta…and oh, so yummy.

Pecans: I always keep a bag of raw pecans in my pantry and grab a handful as I’m heading out the door. They are a delicious snack, or if you want to get creative you can add them to baked goods or top a salad for some extra crunchy goodness.

Vegetable Juice: I have an amazing Breville Juicer I purchased about six months ago that makes juicing AND cleanup a breeze. The lovely Lisa Consiglio Ryan, founder of Whole Health Designs  recommends regularly drinking a juice of cucumber, parsley, kale and apple (for a bit of sweetness). There are dozens of free juicing combinations available online. Do a little experimenting and find what works best for you.

But, remember, the peak benefits of juicing are in the first 24 hours, so keep your quantities to 1–2 servings, so the juice doesn’t lose it’s nutrition or taste. And, if you store it for the day use a sealed glass container like a mason jar.

Beets: Again, Trader Joe’s Market has prepared beets cooked and packaged in the produce section. I cut them into rustic chunks, crumble some goat cheese (you can use feta, or whatever you prefer) snip some fresh basil and top with some pistachios (I guess pecans could be a double whammie here). I dress it with some extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper to taste. It’s a taste explosion!

You can also try adding some fresh tomatoes into the mix when they are in season for a more robust salad.

According to Oz, there are numerous other foods that are memory-wise; eggplant, red onions, rosemary, spinach, wholewheat noodles, peanuts, and many more…

Find what you like and experiment. I’ve added the above meals and snacks to my diet for about 6 weeks now, and whether it’s actual or the placebo affect, I must admit, I definitely feel sharper.

Now. What to do about the things I WANT to forget! Ha!

I’d love to hear what foods and food combinations are your favorites. And, if you are interested in juicing, I really love my Breville. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to email me directly.

Here’s to living a life we want to remember!

As always, I’m in your corner…


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