The “Big Fish” Dilemma


As I was leaving a restaurant the other day a friend of mine commented on how BIG the goldfish was that was swimming in the tank by the door.

I thought it was a Koi, but then she said, no it actually was a good ole goldfish and that they grow to be as big as the container they’re in.

Hmmm… I’ve heard about this before. With plants and reptiles. That they expand to the size of their environment.

Honestly, I did absolutely NO fact checking on the goldfish information, but it got me thinking about this phenomenon of expansion.

Yes indeed, a plant will grow to the size of its container. BUT, some plants become root bound. Root-bound is where the roots of your plant outgrow the container they are in. So, on the surface a plant may seem to be thriving, but if you look at the bottom of the container you will see roots trying to escape through the drainage holes.

Many plants can survive endlessly like this with proper care. And, then you don’t need to spend the time moving it to a larger container, getting the extra earth or container… you can just enjoy it as it is.

Yet, when carefully transplanted to a larger pot they really begin to flourish; healthier leaf structure, blooms and overall vitality. They have an opportunity to become something special.

How often do you look at the surface of your own life and not check to see if roots are growing out of drainage holes?

Have you worked very hard to create a life that looks a certain way, only to find something is lacking? Are you spending too much energy trying to maintain a lifestyle that you don’t even recognize anymore?

It may be that you’re outgrowing where you’re at, yet, don’t want to spend the time or energy to “transplant” to a larger container.

A change like this does not necessarily mean a complete upheaval of your life. It may be an added activity, one less activity, or simply a shift in perspective.

It’s different for everyone and there is no set timeline. Some of you may get easily cramped and need to expand sooner than others. Still others may need to start wilting… or even withering, before you’ll consider some fresh earth and elbow room to grow into.

It may be that the room you need will be an actual physical environment. But, for most it will be a spiritual or emotional cramping that is calling for expansion.

Whatever your situation, remember that even if you’re at the turning point and you are ready for change — change is — well… different. And you may not actually feel comfortable with the room you give yourself.

You may actually miss a sense of security the root-boundedness gave you. Or, find there’s a part of you that likes being the big fish in a small pond. That’s okay.

Simply, take it bit by bit. Change doesn’t necessarily need to be massive or overnight. But consider that even an inch to expand will begin the momentum to two inches of expansion, and so on, until, if needed, a huge shift takes place.

Where are you planted? What’s the quality of your earth? Are you getting enough of what you need to be the person you desire? Are you, in fact, ready to stretch yourself to another level?

I look forward to hearing where you’re at and what your heart is telling you.

And, as always, I am definitely in your corner…

With love,
photo credit: nicoventurelli via photopin cc


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