The Best Way To Commit 100%

It all started with a commitment to 100%


A year and a half ago I set out to create the best t‑shirt ever…I just didn’t know it.

I decided I wanted a business I could run on my laptop from remote locations. Organic tees, Made in America with great designs and a portion contributed to non-profits was what ultimately came to mind. It seemed like a good and honorable fit.

What has evolved in the last 18 months is a brand I am both proud of and humbled by.

Early on I was fortunate enough to connect with women that encouraged me – strongly – to make sure that whatever I did, I could get behind it 100%.

This seems like an obvious bit of advice, but how often when we enter uncharted territory, do we perhaps back off and settle for “good enough?”

My friends...I cringe to think the path I might have gone down, had I settled for the first t‑shirt I tried on…or even the 10th, for that matter! But, now, after three manufacturers, I have a production house that is as dedicated as I am to delivering the premium product I envisioned.

And what of the designs? Lucky Duck, Holy Cow, Bad Ass and the rest? I am certain my very talented illustrator silently cursed me on many occasions for being so picky. But to her credit, she stuck with me and painstakingly delivered dozens of revisions the collection required.

I believe the quality and care shows.

In putting together my support team, the list goes on and on of trial and error. But mostly, it’s been one amazing person after the other; love, support, insight, knowledge, talent, wisdom, experience and more love.

Maybe it’s luck, I know it’s grace, but also it’s much like the analogy we’ve heard of Michelangelo’s Pietá. He reportedly created his masterpiece by chipping away at everything that didn’t look like what he envisioned.

My journey has been much the same…

What I said no to was:

• Made in China
• Cheaply made
• Trendy
• Boxy
• Tight under the arms
• Too short
• Bold graphic prints
• Synthetic
• Blanks for printing

What has emerged is, I believe, the BEST women’s fitted t‑shirt ever!

Made in America? Check!
Organic Cotton? Check!

Preshrunk for a fit that lasts?
Custom pattern for your lady curves?
Classic designs that highlight your unique personalities and moods?
20% of our profits to non-profts?
Free shipping?

Quintuple check!

All of this started from being mindful to my commitment of getting behind my company and it’s products 100%. This one decision has informed and defined dozens of choices I’ve made along the way.

And, what about when I wasn’t certain which way to go? I said no to what didn’t fit, and my solutions appeared. Not always immediately, but soon, and clearly.

Thank you for being my readers, my friends and my inspiration.

I hope that you enjoy wearing Lucky Duck Living t‑shirts as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

In the meantime, remember that sometimes a singular decision can impact everything we do. When you have a dream or a vision and settle for “good enough,” consider the impact it has on your numerous decisions to come.

Why not make a commitment to get behind whatever you’re doing 100%. And if you’re not able to do so, then perhaps that’s your signal to take your energy and move on to where you can flourish.

If you haven’t yet, please hop on over to my online shop and let me know what your favorite design is.

Mine may be “Night Owl” or “Bad Ass” but I do have a real soft spot for the duck...she’s lucky, I’ve heard;)

Which one would you most want for Christmas? Which one most suits your mom, sister, best girlfriend?

My favorite bit, is finding out which designs people most connect, please tell me!

I look forward to hearing from you!

In the meantime, I most definitely am in your corner…


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