Taking On Responsibilities That Aren’t Yours?


It’s been a very exciting time around here!

Specifically, I just received several patent pending statuses on my hand-held dog play, exercise and training device. I’m ECSTATIC, to say the least.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot to launch a new product; manufacturing, fulfillment, marketing, and on and on.

What got my attention, as I was laboring away the other day was the wave of irony…

There I was toiling away hour after hour, day after day devoted and excited about this game-changing device designed to help eliminate doggie neglect… yet, I was neglecting my dog in the process! Good. Grief.

Even so, I continued to work. Until that little voice that only leads me to healthy choices, chimed in again…

Fortunately, I was able to listen and stopped what I was doing, picked up my prototype device and played with my pup.

You’d think it was the best 10 minutes of his life! He was SO happy.

Plus afterwards, his play drive was satisfied, he was panting from getting the exercise he needed and he was happy to nap beside me as I finished the day’s work. AND, I didn’t have to feel guilty for ignoring my inner prompts. Hurray!

How often does it happen that you’re overly focused on people and situations outside of your immediate world? If you pay attention to the direction your going, it can guide you to the area of your personal life that attention may be needed.

Is your partner upsetting you by breaking promises, but you quietly can’t keep promises you make to yourself? Making time to be a shoulder for a best friend, while denying your own challenges in life? Or annoyed by a driver honking, and denying your own impatience?

Time after time it seems to be true that what gives you a charge is what you actually need in your own life.

Start to notice where you want to help or change another and then give it to yourself!

Let me know what you find and remember…

I am most definitely in your corner!

With love,

p.s. If you want to check out my super cool P.E.T.™ device for YOUR pup’s play, it’s right HERE.

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