Let It Be Enough and See What Happens...


The other evening I got sucked into the idea of HAVING to have a new skin care routine.

I began researching online, settled on the Kiehl’s brand and then selected the formulas that seemed best for my skin.

I tallied up the items and it came to well over $250! Which awakened me to all the half used jars of other “must haves” that already lined my drawers.

I deleted my order, which can only be described as relief… and committed myself to going back and reevaluating some of the products I already had on hand.

Hadn’t they worked? Why had I stopped using them? Then a random bit of advice — oft given to straying husbands — came to my mind; “If you’ll treat your wife as well as your mistress you just might fall in love again.”

It felt true. How often have you gotten a new cream or product that was really going to be “IT?!” Or, were so tired of your dirty old car and were certain that a new car would make everything better? Or on a larger scale… get rid of HIM.

But, WHAT IF instead, you consistently use the creams you have, clean the car and appreciate the man you have?

Set aside the idea that what you haven’t isn’t good enough, decide it is, treat it as if it is and watch the transformation!

It may be, with time you do decide to switch creams, get a new car or change a relationship status. But, I promise, if you give your all to what you have now – without reservation or excuse – you will be amazed at the bounty.

SO take a look around. It may be time for housecleaning. OR, it may be time to make useful that which you’ve already been blessed with and let it be enough.

There is no greater joy than discovering it is enough, you have enough, you ARE enough.

Wherever you’re at, I am most definitely in your corner…

With love,

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Let It Be Enough and See What Happens... — 2 Comments

  1. Thais... I love this post, and you inspired me at the perfect moment to actually comment on a blog, which, you know me, I never do! Okay, so thanks for the reminder that it always comes back to gratitude and perception, and that if I am trying to change something, it’s usually something in me that isn’t right. I am so grateful for your blog this week, every week, actually... even though I don’t comment regularly. Thanks for keeping the joy coming. I love you!

    • Hi Jen! I’m so happy to hear from you and that you connected with this post. I reread it this morning... perfect timing for me, too! Happy we’re walking this path together. Big hugs and love!

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